vrijdag 6 januari 2012

Did the Roman Catholic Church invent Islam?

According to this man, the answer is YES!

This topic is a reaction to the following question:

Alberto Rivera claimed that he, a novice Jesuit priest, was allowed to roam through the Vatican basement, picking through the treasures and secrets of the centuries, and he claimed that Cardinal Bea, the Jesuit General, personally instructed him in the origin of Islam. The claim he makes would take the story back to about 600 AD, but at that time the Vatican didn't exist, and records for such a claim would not possibly exist.

Indeed, the Vatican proper was not secured as a sovereign state until May 13, 1871. According to Rivera, from vaults of the Roman Whore, and Cardinal Bea, comes the alleged revelation that the Roman Catholic Church started Islam on purpose to take the Arabs under their control, and to secure Jerusalem.

Satan is quite capable of starting an evil thing without the help of the Roman Mother Church, helpful as she may have been to Satan.

Allah, and Islam, came along the roads from Babylon to Mecca, there is  no detour by way of Rome. Indeed, the Roman Church got her vile religion from Babylon, where Muhammed got his, but they were not in any league, real or imagined.  source 

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