Sunday, April 15, 2012

I AM the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

I Am King Of Kings Lord Of Lords Every Knee Will Bow



Before I created the heavens and the earth, I was

When the earth and everything in it passes away, I will be

I hold the universe together from the smallest atom to the greatest galaxy

It all is in my hands

The sun is hidden in my shadow

I have set the earth on it's foundations

And I rest my feet upon it

I stir the waters of the oceans with my fingers

And shape the mountain More..s with my breath

I AM entirely Holy

And completely other

There are none before me and none like me

Who can question what I have done, or what I will do

My kingdom is eternal and shall exist forevermore

I AM the Ruler over the kings of the earth

I AM the Prince of Peace

I AM the King of Kings

The Righteous King

The King of the Jews

The King of Glory

The King of the Ages

The King of Heaven


I AM the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

I AM Jehovah-Jireh I will provide

I AM Jehovah-Rapha I will heal

I AM Jehovah-Mekadesh I will sanctify

I AM Jehovah-Rohi I AM your Sheperd

I AM the Most High God

Your Deliverer, your Redeemer and Saviour

I AM your Shield and your Strength and your Defender

The Eternal and Everlasting God

I AM the Alpha and the Omega

The beginning and the end

Before there was no [?] formed

Neither shall there be after me

I even I AM the LORD and besides me there's no savior

Beside me there's no god

Angels and heavenly beings worship me upon my throne

And I will not give my glory unto another

I will not share my creation

I AM a jealous God

And a consuming fire

I AM the Commander of the Heavens Armies

And before me kingdoms crumble and rulers kneel

I AM your harbor in the tempest

I AM safety for the tested and tried

I have come to set the captives free

To strengthen the weak, to heal the lame

To cause the blind to see

I have come to give you life and breath to breathe

I have come that you might know me

I have come that you might know my limitless love and endless goodness

My measureless mercy and neverending grace

My forgiveness knows no boundaries and my acceptance sees no imperfections

Nor color, nor race, nor wealth, nor poverty

In me your are made clean and through me you are sanctified

I AM indescribable, incomprehensible, irresistible and invincible

The heavens cannot contain my glory

Death cannot consume me

Life cannot outlast me

All knees will bow before me and that my Name every tongue will confess

Every tongue will confess that I AM the Great I AM

Every tongue will confess that I AM the GOD of gods

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