Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why is (not) believing in God stupid?

Why is believing in God stupid?

I believe in God, though I am not a Christian or a Muslim. I don't like Christian or Muslim beliefs and how they generally like to pick and choose what they believe. They love to condemn others and worship their "bully" God. I choose to believe in God because I WANT to believe their is something more after life.

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If certain Christians do not obey God, or follow the principals of Christianity, how is that God's fault? So why blame Him?

How is God a "bully"? Because He, the Creator, who created even you.....has the right to call the shots? If you created something, wouldn't you have the right to determine how that creation was used? OR would other people have the right to condemn you because you wanted to do with your creation as you saw fit?

You didn't create any worlds. You didn't create this world. God did. So what gives you the right to judge God? Have you achieved a level of perfection that you can condemn someone who CAN make a world and anything in it, including you?

I'm sorry if God doesn't just sit up in heaven and fulfill your shopping lists, then shut up and let you do whatever you please. Doesn't work that way. God calls the shots, and rightfully so. And if that bothers you, tough. Deal with it. And if that makes God a "bully"...... then I'm going to worship a Bully God, because He deserves it!



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