Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The absurdity of homosexuality

  • This is a great commercial and it's rather stupid it was banned, because it makes people think about the absurdity of homosexuality.
    God created first a male and later out of this male the first female.
    Females are in fact MEN with special features, and that's the ability to bring forth new human beings, but females themselves are unable to generate new life on their own, and so they need men to 'do the job', and so men and woMEN need each other.
    BTW: JESUS is God and the INVENTOR of LIFE.
  • God=JESUS doesn't forbid men to love each other, but He doesn't want a man to penetrate another man's anus with his erection, and He doesn't forbid women to love each other, but He doesn't want a woman to touch another woman's genitals, unless she's a doctor or a midwife.
    One doesn't insert a cd into a toaster, and one doesn't put a slice of bread into a cd player, and so the only right way of insertion of an erection is into a vagina and not into an anus.
    It was DESIGNED that way!
  • Barack Hussein Obama is a muslim and a so called christian and a promoter of homosexuality and he's the DESTROYER of the US of America and the world.
    Islam is an invention of the Roman Catholic 'Church' and Muhammad's first wife was a Roman Catholic, sent by the satanic jesuits.
    Watch Alberto Rivera, here on YouTube.


  1. +ox Wicked xo
    Wow, you can talk from your testicles.....

    God didn't create you to be a sex robot.

    Get to know this God, because He's JESUS Christ.

    He's the creator of (y)our sexuality and the author of life itself.

    He knows you from the time you were a tiny embryo.

  2. +NaomiLookingUp Dear Sister, sexuality was created in order to give Adam and Eve the possibility to procreate.
    This is only meant within marriage between a fertile man and a fertile woman.
    God didn't create the urge within a boy and a girl to feel sexually attracted to the SAME sex: normal children aren't interested in sexuality.
    So homosexuality is something which is being created (and not by God!) when a child becomes sexually active due to the production of hormones.

    Of course sexual abuse can also be a cause when a person is still a child.

    I believe the current Pope is a victim of sexual abuse and 'Obama' too, when they were children.

    Of course Satan is behind this evil.

    Satan wants to destroy the normal human sexuality and create twisted and evil people.

  3. Replies
    1. Sad story but great testimony: JESUS is victorious!


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