Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Naked God

Genesis 2:25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

1 Cor 15:45  And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.

Was Jesus Completely Naked On The Cross


Was Jesus naked on the cross when crucified?


 He was totally naked on the cross

Jesus’ totally naked body was flaunted in humiliation before a watching world


Crucifixion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


How did Jesus Christ die?


Was Jesus Christ naked on the cross?


Jesus naked on the cross not good! - YouTube

What's WRONG with the naked body?
God=JESUS=Yeshua is the CREATOR and He created a NAKED Adam and Eve and they were WITHOUT sin and WITHOUT shame.
satan is a RELIGIOUS IDIOT and satan HATES our nakedness and our sexuality because he's a fallen ANGEL and angels weren't made to procreate, and therefore He ENVIED us humans, and that's why he perverted human sexuality after God=JESUS called him satan=adversary, because he didn't want to serve, because angels were made to serve God and us humans.


Naked God: the truth about God exposed




1 Corinthians 15:1-4



  1. All normal men are programmed to desire an attractive female human being, concerning marriage and procreation.
    Men are not to blame for owning this instinct.
    Normal women are programmed to be desirable toward an attractive male human being, concerning marriage and procreation.
    Women are not to blame for owning this instinct.

    The point is that we as (male and female) followers of JESUS have to control this instinct and have to place it under God's control and guidance.

    Adam and Eve were allowed to be naked, because they were the only two human beings.

    However, there was yet no need for sex, because Adam and Eve were so happy and fulfilled in Paradise.

    Something had to happen to ensure that procreation would begin.

    This 'something' was the Fall of Adam and Eve, because only after the Fall the need for sexuality arose.

    Procreation and sexuality are the answer to death.

    Within marriage of one woman and one man, it's allowed to be completely naked again, just like Adam and Eve, provided no one else but God is watching.
    Of course the devil and the demons also like to watch, but they have to be chased away by the God-fearing man and woman through prayer, and God has to be involved into the sexual activity between the two lovers, because He's the creator of sexuality and procreation.

    God fearing people should hide their sexual attractiveness to others in order not to arouse wrong desires.

    This also goes for the way we behave and the words we choose.

    God is holy and a gentleman and Satan is a psychopath and a beast.

    That's the whole difference.

    A naked and innocent man hung on a cross, taking full responsibility for the mechanism He had brought forth by allowing Satan to tempt Adam and Eve.

    The original sin has nothing to do with sexuality, but with disobedience, but without the Fall of Adam and Eve there would NEVER have been the need for sexuality, and thus we wouldn't exist.

    Most believers still don't realise that JESUS was completely naked on the cross.

    Atheists know this all too well:

    The death of the physical body ends all forms of sexuality.

    In eternity sexuality will be over and done and a thing of the past, and not because it's bad, but because the need will have disappeared.

    It won't be missed, just like normal children don't miss it at all.


  2. This is a very old illustration of the article.

    JESUS hung on the cross and He was NAKED!
    Hans S
    4:29 PM

    Kick the devil out in JESUS' name!
    Jerusalem - Catch the Devil, Catch the Thief

  3. Brother, just try it TOGETHER with JESUS, while talking to Him, because He has NEVER ABUSED you, and FORGIVE the perpetrator(s) and let God deal with it.
    Consider that we're ALL FALLEN to a state of (sexual) ANIMALS, while we're meant to be like the ANGELS, and JESUS died for our SINS and shortcomings like an ANIMAL: the (SINLESS) LAMB of God.
    He died for the abusers too, and most abusers have been abused when they were young, and this is how SATAN operates among people.
    He/she is a FALLEN ANGEL, and he/she ENVIES our gift of SEXUALITY and he/she always tries to DISTORT a CORRUPT it, so that we become like him/her and EVIL ourselves, or so very damaged that we damage others in our turn.
    FORGIVE as you have been FORGIVEN, and let God-JESUS be the ultimate JUDGE!
    Hans S
    12:23 PM

    Congratulations with your 54th birthday, Tony!
    JESUS is your greatest GIFT and God is your Father and the richest person in existence!
    Let's celebrate JESUS!

    Tony, come on: JESUS is the creator and the inventor of every little detail of our genitals!
    When He was crucified, He was totally NAKED!

    Don't believe all those paintings and pictures of JESUS showing Him covered with a loincloth over his private parts.

    He was as naked as can be and the other two too.

    When the Nazis murdered the Jews in Ukraine they had to undress themselves first.

    The SAME ROMAN-BABYLONIAN system murdered JESUS!

    When we we born we were naked and Adam and Eve were naked, because they were the only two people and the climate was perfect, both day and night.

    In eternity we will be clothed, and not because there's something wrong with our sexuality, but because procreation won't be necessary anymore.

    A lot of our nakedness, and especially female nudity, has a sexual undertone (body language) and even female faces can be very sensual, and surely when they use makeup.

    JESUS watches us ALL the TIME and He sees EVERYTHING, but He loves us, while Satan hates us.

    Just learn to confess everything immediately to JESUS and let Him correct you, when necessary.

  5. +michael s I saw her breasts and thought 'isn't it a bit too cold to be half naked?'
    Michael, pray for this WRETCH, because all the people in hell will be TOTALLY NAKED!
    JESUS didn't come to CONDEMN but to SAVE.
    When our Lord JESUS was on the cross He was completely NAKED!
    When the Vatican controlled Nazis killed the Jews and others, their victims were in many cases completely NAKED.

  6. +husky394xp Masturbation is NOT a sin! Saying it's a sin, is ROMAN CATHOLIC TORTURE!
    I know someone who has COMMITTED SUICIDE because of this SATANIC NONSENSE!
    He HANGED himself as a believer in JESUS!
    And Satan was LAUGHING!
    If masturbation is a sin, than God=JESUS is a SATANIC CRIMINAL for turning children into adults with a SEX DRIVE!
    But NOT God=JESUS is a SATANIC CRIMINAL, but SATAN, because, he knows our weaknesses and he wants to turn our sexual urge into something UGLY.
    Did JESUS masturbate?
    No, because He is/was God, manifested in the flesh, and He didn't give Himself the assignment to procreate.
    But He was the owner of genitals, because He's the creator of SEXUALITY.
    Fornication is a sin=transgression of God's commandments.
    LUST is Not a sin!
    Without LUST my dad wouldn't have had the urge to conceive ME and I wouldn't have EXISTED!

  7. +Thomas Remmers Is JESUS your Lord and Savior?
    You talk a lot about the Bible, but do you have a personal relationship with Him?

    Do you defecate and urinate?

    Of course you (and I) do, but you (and I) don't do it in public.

    Children are being TAUGHT that masturbation is a sin by RELIGIOUS HYPOCRITES!

  8. SATAN: 'The NAZARENE is a PERVERT, because He created two NAKED people and He hung NAKED at the cross'


  9. +John Lynch
    It saddens me to see the offspring of the first and most beautiful woman ever, Eve, looking like this, whether they're gorgeous or not.

    Eve was NAKED and UNASHAMED, and there was no FEAR of DANGER in Paradise.
    She wanted to 'know more', and then Adam, and this is the result....
    But thank God there was a man called JESUS who hung NAKED on the cross for OUR sins, and He rose from the dead and He's coming to restore Paradise!


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