Monday, July 9, 2012

Jezus is GOD-Jesus is GOD

Translated from Dutch (see below):

Jesus is God, Satan is a failure
Many people don't grasp the scope of these words from Jesus Christ:
All power is given unto me, in heaven, and in earth (Matt. 28: 18b)
When a father gives his son all the power, then he no longer has that power but his son. The son could take over power, but the son loves his father and the father loves his son and together they are one.
Satan was the moron who wanted to steal all the power from his father, and note that Satan was a created being, and Jesus is from infinity to infinity.
What a dumb person is this satan, for never does God allow that anyone dethrones him, and certainly not a (initially well, by God created) being like Morning star / Light-bringer (Lucifer), who later was called Satan and devil.
So that's why:
To hell with the devil! ..........
Don't chase him while he jumps into hell

Jezus is GOD, satan is een mislukkeling

Veel mensen vatten niet de reikwijdte van deze woorden van Jezus Christus:

Mij is gegeven alle macht in de hemel en op de aarde (Matt. 28:18b)

Als  een vader zijn zoon alle macht geeft dan heeft hij die macht niet meer maar zijn zoon
De zoon zou de macht kunnen overnemen, maar de zoon houdt van  zijn vader en de vader houdt van zijn zoon en samen zijn ze één

satan was de sukkel die alle macht wilde inpikken van zijn vader, en satan was nota bene een geschapen wezen en Jezus is van oneindigheid tot oneindigheid

Wat een dom figuur is die satan, want nooit staat God het toe dat ook maar iemand Hem onttroont, en zeker niet een door Hem (in aanvang goed geschapen) wezen zoals morgenster/lichtbrenger (lucifer), die later satan en duivel werd genoemd.

Dus daarom:

Naar de hel met die duivel!..........En spring hem niet achterna.

Speak of the devil
He's no friend of mine
To turn from him is what we have in mind

Just a liar and a thief
The word tells us so
We like to let him know
Where he can go

To hell with the devil
To hell with the devil

When things are going wrong
You know who to blame
He will always live
Up to his name

He's never been the answer
There's a better way
We are here to rock you
And to say...

[Repeat Chorus]

Jezus is de ALMACHTIGE

 Verse 1
I've changed my ways from wrong to right.
The devil never pays, no, he robs just like a thief in the night
So many bands give the devil all the glory
It's hard to understand, we want to change the story
We want to rock one way, on and on.
You'll see the light some day
All say Jesus is the way.
Verse 2
Satan is a fool and it's so insane.
Some people think he's cool, you play with fire,
You'll feel the pain.
Why lose when you could win? Give God a try.
The devil's not your friend, the truth is not a lie.

I've changed my ways from wrong to wright
Evil never pays, no, the truth is not a lie.

Repeat Chorus

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