Monday, July 9, 2012

Kingdom Come

Just once is never enough
You got to try it over and over
Sometimes won't satisfy you
Cause constant is your number

Just like a rat in the lab

You're a creature of habit
You see the crack in your face
And you've got to grab it

Are you ready

Now the day is done
Are you ready for the Kingdom
Kingdom to come

Maybe you got something cookin'

Maybe not is more like it
Could be you're locked in a contract
And there's no new negotiations

Or maybe you got tired of trying

So you stopped and just let go
No maybe about it
There's someone you ought to know

Get ready to go

Get ready to leave
To be ready for judgement
You must believe

Get down on your knees

Put your face to the floor
What ya waitin' for
Waitin' for, waitin' for

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