Saturday, September 8, 2012

I Want To See Heaven


I am torn between two kingdoms
I am fighting with my soul
I want to live, I want to love
And Heaven is my goal

Still I'm cursed with being human
Trapped inside this sin and hate
It's all in vogue, but it's all so old
I pray it won't be too late

I want to see Heaven
A place where there's only one God too choose
'Cause in a mind filled by this world
Gives you so many ways to lose
I want to see Heaven
This is where my path should begin
I want to see Heaven
This where I want my world to end

I am living in this temple
Made of spirit, soul and mind
But I will be eventually
Leaving this flesh behind

Still I'm driven by emotion
I am human to the core
And a worldly mind could be my crime
To keep me from Heaven's door



Hell's Bells 2 - The Dangers of Rock 'n Roll

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