Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Satanic Vatican - Full Length

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Wow, this is an insanely detailed and long look at the Vatican and its satanic beliefs, practices and doctrines.

Full credits to xlivescom for producing this film.

The vatican is the beast, ridden by the whore.

On April 8, 2012, Easter, a vigil was held in which Lucifer was evoked in public.

The Vigil Song is Quoted as saying:
Flammas eius lúcifer matutínus invéniat:
ille, inquam, Lúcifer, qui nescit occásum.
Christus Fílius tuus,
qui, regréssus ab ínferis, humáno géneri serénus illúxit,
et vivit et regnat in sæcula sæculórum.

Which translates:
Flaming Lucifer finds Mankind,
I say: Oh Lucifer who will never be defeated,
Christ is your son
who came back from hell, shed his peaceful light and is alive and reigns in the world without end.

Watch this movie in separate parts:


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  1. +Josh Parker
    Jesus is GOD and God is JESUS...and yes, He talked to Him SELF, because He and the Father (God) are ONE.

    JESUS will DESTROY the EVIL, SATANIC Roman Catholic CULT that MURDERED millions upon millions, and that is still killing, becauce it's not a church at all: it's the HIDDEN Roman Empire, behind the guise of a Christian organisation.

    The Vatican also created the EVIL CULT, called islam.

    The Vatican created marxism/communism, fascism, feminism, evolutionism and more.

    The real boss of this cult is the 'black pope', who is the leader of the Jesuits.

    His hero isn't the God of the Bible, who's one with JESUS Christ: his god is LUCIFER!

    Currently this black pope is also the pope in white.

    So, Franciscus is the 'black pope in white'.
    Hans S
    1 minute ago

    GOD is JESUS the JEW


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