Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Anti-Israel propaganda on Alex Jones' site

(anti-Israel propaganda) Hamas Shouldn’t Fire Rockets … But Israel Has Violated HUNDREDS of UN Resolutions

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  1. joseywaleslives says:
    Of course…… Bad ole Israel. What right do they have to try and stay alive? When muslim terrorists fire rockets into their civilian popuation centers they should all just say thank you instead of firing back at their attackers who have sworn to kill every Jew on earth.
    If you ask me the U.N. is a much greater threat to world peace then Israel. It’s throughly corrupt.

  2. Kendara says:
    It is the “Palestinian Goliath” versus the “Israeli David”. Hamas is backed by the entire Arab and Muslim world, from the Mahgreb to the far East, and specifically by Egypt, Iran and Russia from which their weapons are sourced. Their propogande network is efficient and widespread, even in the West, which now has a sustantial Muslim population to which it must answer.
    On the other hand Israeli militart might has a limited effect, as to use it fully, with consequent results, is prevented by world media, and the fact that Iran could react with disastrous consequences.
    Israel faces an enemy that is willing to use its civilian poplulation as a defensive weapon. Israel has no such arsenal.
    Goliath, it is recorded, came from Gaza, the city of the Philistines, from whence the word Palestine gets its name. 2500 years ago Goliath terrorized Israel. In 2012 he still does!

    Kendara says:
    Israeli fire is aimed at military targets, and tragically, hits civilians by mistake. Hamas aim at civilian populations intentionally, and often misses them.
    Israelis provide their women and children with shelters. For Hamas, their women and children are the shelters and shield required for combat.
    So many commentators dismiss the attempts of Hamas to kill civilians just because they happen to be relatively unsuccessful in numerical terms. It is not for want of trying. This logic, if pplied in a court of law would be absurd. One would be able to acquit attempted murders, tax evasions and bank robberies

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