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Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan On Gun Control - CNN


Gepubliceerd op 7 jan 2013
Alex Jones 'debates' CNN's Piers Morgan on gun control. Things get a little heated.

January 7, 2013

    • ezkl38rptr
      13:52 is the best part!
      Nice Peter Ustinov-like Winston Churchill imitation.
      But people let's be honest: Alex Jones is right about almost all he was talking about, but he will NEVER address the REAL problem: the USA has been taken over by the VATICAN and the SATANIC JESUITS who want LUCIFER to rule the world through Frank Marshall Davis junior, aka "Barack Hussein Obama", their WORLD "MESSIAH".
      The same jesuits who brought forth people like Hitler and Stalin and Mao.
      Vatican Assassins

i am english and am shocked america allow this ...who do you think you are piers !!!! ur from a tint iccle isle called the uk and its in a god damm mess its lost all its culture and also is shia muslim !!!! how dare you go to america and tell em what to do ..i now live in spain cos my goverment are evil .and he also came to marbella and made it look real bad just when spain needed more tourism....who the hell does he think he is he tryin to get the english hated
And I'm Dutch and my government is evil too, because they've betrayed us all by making us part of the Roman Catholic EU, with that blue with twelve stars MARY FLAG as European symbol.
The 'Bank of England' is of the Vatican and the Federal Reserve in the US is also a Vatican bank.
All EVIL roads lead to Rome!
That's why Tony Blair became Roman Catholic.
Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. are all run by the CIA and the CIA was founded by the satanic Jesuits of Rome.
Follow the (big) money.

Oh come on Alex, I know Piers is a prick, but you cant just keep ranting, if you are not threatened by the questions then let him ask them at very least! You came across as a complete lunatic, I know you are passionate, and rightly so, but this performance does not give you any credibility.
Alex and Piers were only ACTING as foes: they're (secretly) on the SAME side.
Alex said (some elements of) the US government helped the 'terrorists' to get into the country: there were no terrorists and there were no planes involved at 9/11.
It was all done with MISSILES and computer manipulations, thanks to the (NWO) controlled mass media...the BBC included...and also in my country the Netherlands.
They still lie about 9/11
The jesuits are behind ALL evil on behalf of their hero LUCIFER.

sad part is... almost everything alex said is true.
Except this: Alex said (some elements of) the US government helped the 'terrorists' to get into the country: there were no terrorists and there were no planes involved at 9/11 and G.W. Bush knew all about it.
It was all done with MISSILES and computer manipulations and explosives and presented to us by the (NWO) controlled mass wide!
They still lie about 9/11
The jesuits were/are behind ALL evil on behalf of their hero LUCIFER-SATAN.

Thats an interesting view, why do you think they are on the same side? I agree that 911 did not happen the way the mass media portrayed it, only a fool could go along with their report on what happened.
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Just listen to what Eric Jon Phelps has to say about Alex Jones, here on YouTube.
Alex Jones Exposed - Eric Jon Phelps watch?v=LvQIOT2qaoI
Visit his website
Vatican Assassins
Also learn more about the most powerful CULT on earth: the Roman Catholic "Church", which is the HIDDEN Roman Empire.
America is in grave danger (and also my continent, Europe and the whole world) because this Roman CULT pulls ALL the strings.
All roads truly do lead to Rome!

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Yeah, don't you know?...that's that same crazy fool who made you laugh like you did and who wants to drag you with him into the lake of fire.
You're already dying, because you're a mortal...
But hey..someone has got a cure and he's called Jesus.....take it or leave it..

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'I suggest to ban Jesus Christ, because he killed aproximately six BILLION people during the Flood, because Jesus is God.
No one in history killed more people than Jesus=God'.
'Let's kill the guy and let's nail him to a cross....oh shit..they've already done that and he rose from the dead, so he's INDESTRUCTABLE...and now he says he's coming back to seek revenge'.
I'm glad I'm on his side, because he saved me because he loves me.
He loves you too, but what will you do, that's up to you.

Alex Jones , The Pope and G.W Bush - Obama - Romney - Jesuit Controlled

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