Friday, January 4, 2013

Is Obama the Antichrist? Apparently not

Is Obama the Antichrist? Apparently not

Barry Davis; 'Boy' of Pope Benedict XVI



The Pope is the ANTICHRIST!



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  1. +Isabelle Esling
    I respectfully disagree with you: the PAPACY is the ANTICHRIST by DEFAULT.

    The DECEPTION is very strong because many people haven't done research into this and my eyes were opened after I had studied this at the end of 2011:

    Please take the time to read it, because it's very revealing and very shocking.
    I still believe that 'Obama' (Barry Davis) could play a MAJOR role in the near future, because the Papacy and Satan have invested a LOT in him.
    But the Pope is the 1st Beast by default.
    He's the DISGUISED Roman Emperor!
    He's FILTHY RICH and MONEY is POWER in this world.


    Isabelle Esling
    Yesterday 6:49 PM

    Actually there could be several Antichrist characters in this strange configuration. One this is sure: Obama is an agent of the devil


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