Monday, January 28, 2013

The NAZIS and FASCISTS who founded the THE EU and their influence today

(at 19:38 about prince Bernhard, co-founder of 'Bilderberg')

Geupload op 5 mrt 2011
This video is based on a speech by Rodney Atkinson at a public meeting at the Houses of Parliament on 26th Feb 2008 -updated 2010
The EU is based on the Nazi plans published in Berlin in 1942 " The Eu was founded and initially led by "former" Nazis and fascists, as was the Charlemagne prize awarded to TONY BLAIR, EDWARD HEATH, ROY JENKINS and others for their role in removing democratic sovereignty from the nation states of Europe"

RODNEY ATKINSON is a former adviser to Ministers and an internationally praised author of 6 books on political economy and the crisis caused by the European superstate. He has broadcast on radio and television in the UK, Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia, Austria and the USA, and his books have been sold in more than 50 countries.
The audio CD of this talk is available, with his books, at::
Compuprint Publishing St.Omers House St.Omers Road Gateshead NE11 9LE

The Nazis and Fascists who Founded the European Union

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