Saturday, February 2, 2013

Alex Jones attacking the pre-trib-rapture

After the Tribulation – Sneak Peek

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  • Feb 1, 2013
  • Why have so many modern day Christians been conditioned to stand down to tyranny?


Alex Jones, yes you are a 'christian', but you're not (yet) a LOVER and a FOLLOWER of JESUS Christ.
You're promoting an ATTACK on the BIBLICAL pre-tribulation rapture of REAL followers of JESUS Christ who are LONGING to be united with their lord, and to be released from their earthly bodies.
You dont want to be 'raptured', because you want to SELL more films and books like these, because it's your business.
The JESUITS are behind ALL desinformation, and they're also behind this issue.

Alex Jones , The Pope and G.W Bush - Obama - Romney - Jesuit Controlled

  • barf245
    He tells the truth wake up man.
    • ezkl38rptr
      No, Alex Jones is NOT telling the truth.
      Alex NEVER mentions the real schemers behind the scenes: the JESUITS of the VATICAN.
      Be informed:
      vatican assassins
      The Jesuits, who trained the ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera, taught him the LIE that they're responsible for the concept of 'futurism', which is about the pre-tribulation rapture, to DECEIVE as many people as possible, so they might believe they have to go through the tribulation, which is about JACOB-ISRAEL.

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      • UToobUsername01
        The fight is spiritual. When David beat Goliath in a physical fight he was using the Holy Spirit to guide him to victory. If the Holy Spirit guides you to defend, by all means defend, but use that as last resort after praying and breaking the control Satan has on the minds of the unfaithful. Spiritual warfare is the key. Jesus defeated satan by resisting temptation. Pray for those who are tempted to do what is right. Then IF you get attacked run away, or defend (non-lethally if possible).
      JESUS=YHVH=God drowned 6 BILLION people AFTER He gave them 120 years of repentance time, but only Noah and his family were saved during the Flood.
      JESUS killed 1000 Philistines through the hands of Samson, and MANY more through his- and the hands of others.
      But that was BEFORE JESUS became a human being.
      Did Jesus Christ carry a weapon?
      Do His followers carry weapons?
      Let Barry Davis ('Obama') collect ALL the guns: He is the antichrist and the choice of the Jesuits and LUCIFER.
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  1. Steven Anderson mock believers in JESUS who believe in the pre-Times of Jacob's Trouble-snatching away of the Saints and he's cooperating with the PHONY Alex (Bill Hicks) Jones, and he's teaching that repentance is a work WE do, whereas it's a work God-JESUS does from within us, through His Holy Spirit, who's also giving us faith.


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