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Scott Snyder 1 maand geleden

Hold on!!!!! If Jesus was The Father He would have said so. He said He wasn't, or Jesus would have told us when he He was comming back. Jesus said only the Father knows the hour. In all this video Who is the false prophet?


TelepathicMeatLoaf 1 week geleden

You're correct sir. Nowhere in the Bible does it say God is monotheistic. There's God the Father and God the Son. They are 2 separate distinct beings.

Messiah sits at the right hand of the Father. That's a description of 2 beings, not one being inside another being.

These 2 Gods called Elohim in the Hebrew act as one God with the Father as the Head & the Son as the Yielding God. They both always were & therefore both are Gods.

The false prophet of Revelation has his seat in the City of 7 Hills

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ezkl38rptr 1 week geleden

IS JESUS "GOD?" - In 5 Minutes - the matter is SETTLED - Indisputable!



Only SATANIC people aren't willing to believe that and so they'll go to hell, where they belong!

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TelepathicMeatLoaf 1 week geleden

John 1:1 plainly states Messiah is God.

Jesus said, "Before Abraham was, "I Am" and the Jews tried to kill him for claiming to be the God that Moses talked to.

Messiah is YHVH. I don't dispute that.

Jesus said He came to reveal the Father who sent Him.

There you go, Messiah and the Father are 2 separate beings.

Your reply doesn't address my original comment directly.

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ezkl38rptr 1 week geleden

Each human being has TWO hemispheres in their skull.

They think differently, but they work together as ONE.

That's EXACTLY the way God exists, because we are made in His image, and that has everything to do with his BRAIN.

But God the Father is PERFECT, and we are NOT.

And so we all need JESUS Christ=God as a human being, so that we can be reconciled with the Father-God.

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TelepathicMeatLoaf 1 week geleden

Does God say He is 2 personalities defined as 2 hemispheres inside one skull and where does it state that?

Jesus prayed to the Father while He was on earth. Was that one hemisphere of the brain on the earth praying to the other hemisphere up in heaven?

You need to stop trying to discover the nature of God through the study of the brain.

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ezkl38rptr 5 uur geleden

I see it's too difficult for you to understand.

You don't know MY Father and you don't know His Son.

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TelepathicMeatLoaf 4 uur geleden

You're right, I don't know your father & your son.

If all you can come up with is left brain, right brain hemispheres to explain your belief; then maybe you need to either check your communication style or check your belief.

I don't understand what's so hard to understand about the Father & the Son being 2 different beings with the Father as the head & the Son as the obedient one to the Father.

Much like the way a husband is the "head" while the wife "supposing" to be the "submissive" one.

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ezkl38rptr 1 seconde geleden

So you admit you don't know MY Father=God and HIS Son=God as the human JESUS?

You'd better get to know Him before it's too late.

Yes my way of communicating is a bit strange to you, but if you had clicked on my nick name, you would have viewed my channel, and then you could have known I'm from the Netherlands, the country that once founded New Amsterdam, now called New York.

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      Slavko961234 2 dagen geleden

      Prophecy of 112 Popes is CATHOLIC PROPHECY by a CATHOLIC SAINT. The post Vatican II sect is non-Catholic WHORE OF BABYLON. If you had any common sense you would realize that Catholicism is true because of Catholic prophecy being fulfilled... Not to mention, the Bible itself was compiled in 400s by Catholic Bishops in Carthage. This is an undeniable historical fact. Repent and be baptized every one of you unto remission of sins! Outside of Church there is ABSOLUTELY no salvation, save your soul!


      ezkl38rptr 1 dag geleden

      Don't talk Roman catholic BULLSHIT!

      Outside of JESUS CHRIST there is ABSOLUTELY no salvation!

      JESUS loves you, but He HATES the Roman Empire, disguised as a "Church".

      He was killed by this Roman Empire!!

      Vatican Assassins

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      diana conyers 1 dag geleden

      if you know jesus you have salvation, u don't have to be catholic to be saved. but that is a catholic for u, i was raised catholic. i am 53yrs old and have been a Christian for 23yrs now. catholics please get rid of your traditions, for God doesn't like traditions or religion. Jesus loves all, why do u think he hung on the Cross for our sins for our salvation because he loved the whole world! :)

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      peter schiotis 47 minuten geleden

      yes ma'am

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      ezkl38rptr 1 seconde geleden

      Well I'm also 53 years 'old' (that's 53 encirclement of the sun) and Diana is right.

      JESUS is the ONLY way to God.....because He Himself is GOD!!!

      BTW: my name is Hans, and I'm from the Netherlands

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      WildwoodClaire1 8 hours ago

      An yet, I am inexplicably blessed with the ability to discern the difference between "your" and "you're" and can generally employ them in grammatically correct sentences.
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      ezkl38rptr 1 second ago

      >This comment has received too many negative votes<

      You know, I don't really care what you think of Hal Lindsey.

      I KNOW you're not interested in my LORD JESUS Christ, and that's why you're not able to love a fellow believer in Jesus, who Hal Lindsey most certainly is.

      Hal is not perfect, but I do believe he's sincere about his longing to be with his maker, the Lord Jesus Christ.

      I have a simple message for you: you ARE LOST without JESUS Christ!

      YOURs truly, Hans, agent of GOD=JESUS
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