Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Church begins at 09:08 Church EXPLODES at 12:38 and rightly so, because it were the Roman Catholic CULT and its JESUITS who were behind the WAR in Vietnam, the ASSASSINATION of JFK, the FAKE Moon landings, the sinking of the TITANIC, the Federal Reserve, The FIRST WORLD WAR and the SECOND, the KOREAN WAR, The FAKE 'COLD WAR', 9/11, the Gulf WAR, the 'Patriot ACT', and the rise of AMERICAN DICTATOR Frank Marshall Davis jr. aka 'Obama', so ENJOY this music while you still can!
Vatican Assassins

ezkl38rptr CLICK

Eric Jon Phelps' Vatican Assassins is gone!
These sites are still accessible;
vatican assassins
vatican assassins is gone
Be careful; YouTube is under CIA (Jesuit) scrutiny
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WeAreONEbigFamily 2 hours ago

I noticed that Eric his website is down , i heard his computer crashed and that it will take him a month to get back online , why did his computer crash ? I don't know........

Yes YT is controlled
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ezkl38rptr Click

Did the Jesuits make his server crash?

They must HATE the guts of Eric, for he's one of the most important revelators of their cold hearted SATANISM.

Let's pray to JESUS for protection of Eric and his family!
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ezkl38rptr 1 seconde geleden

Great video.
Vatican Assassins is back online!


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