Monday, February 4, 2013

The Obama Code

'The Obama code': Hidden messages in birth document?


The Obama Code


Obama: No Hesitation Over Sending Women Into Combat Roles
Al Gore: Obama Approach Has 'Greater Depth And Sophistication'




The presidency of the US is the 2nd beast of Revelation 13


Gepubliceerd op 29 jan 2013
This is the latest in my rapture watch series, as we watch the birth pains that Christ spoke to his disciples about in Matthew 24, and so many other places in the Bible. For the first time in our country, we have a president that we really know little to nothing about, except that he is spreading communist ideals in our country, via executive order, rendering our Congress useless, and our once great republic. We are already living under a dictatorship, they just have great props in Washington. We are told as Christians to follow our leaders, as they are put there for a reason; come on guys, you know nothing happens without God's approval. However, he comes first and when we see our leaders mocking God openly, giving tons of aid to murderous tyrants, and supporting the murder of unborn children to no limit, supporting gay marriage, and using the Federal government to take over the country...well, that is when the support ends. We are not to cast our pearls among swine...remember that one? So in this video, I just have a few choice clips of when and what came out of the horses mouth. Be aware there is so much more, and this is just a small sampling. I did start off with a rather bizarre idea that is gaining momentum out there in cyberspace, but one that makes you go HUMMMM. God Bless All that see this video and may it open your eyes. We are winding down as a planet, and we were told what to look for and those things are happening now. Please if you do not know Christ, start to do that, as your heart will change for the better now, and you will never perish but will instead spend eternity where you were created to be. You will spend eternity one place or another. I pray you make the right decision.

  • fagpint
    If Obama had been reading his Bible, he'd know he's in for trouble...
    • ezkl38rptr
      Barry Davis ('Obama') reads the Bible BACKWARDS, because he loves Lucifer-satan.
      · in reactie op fagpint 


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Obama is NOT (yet) the antichrist


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