Sunday, May 12, 2013

SATANIC Evolution

The Jesuits were the ones who organized the doctrine of evolution with the help of Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin the Father of Evolution – buried in Westminster Abbey 1882

Schools teach children as young as 9 and 10 years old that humans evolved from the ape family, and not created in the image of God.

When I was a child, the enlightened nuns in my elementary school taught evolution and maintained that there is no conflict between the truths of science and those of religion. I was out of high school before I realized that there are people who believe that the Bible should be taken literally.
– This summarizes the whole purpose of the Jesuits – to destroy belief in the  Bible using any means possible.

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Never mind: the JESUITS are behind the EVOLUTION LIE!!

The Jesuit and the Skull: Teilhard de Chardin, Evolution, and the Search for Peking Man

Evolution is SATANIC


The Hoax Called Evolution


EVOLUTION: The Big Hoax!*


*I don't agree with this nonsense


evolution hoax


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  1. +Grodan Christella
    Of course there's no contradiction between science and creation, because God=JESUS is the best scientist.

    But He didn't need evolution and millions of years, and He most certainly didn't need a misguided deceiver like Mr. Darwin.
    I'm an ex-atheist and I used to BELIEVE in 'evolution' and in Heliocentrism.
    But not anymore!
    The earth isn't spinning and JESUS the creator created everything EXACTLY according Moses' report in Genesis.
    Check out these topics on my site:

    Jurassic; Dinosaurs are YOUNG - ALL of THEM - Proven

    Ex-evolutionist speaking

    Thank God for the creation of ANIMALS

    Heliocentrism - False Science

    'Professor' Albert Einstein Unmasked At Last!!

    SATANIC Evolution

    God saved me for the first time at the end of 1980, even though it lasted only a small week, because I still was a believer in components of the evolution LIE, like heliocentrism, and because I didn't want to have anything to do with Christianity.
    He used this song by one of my favorite singers:

    Ian Gillan was a religious Christian (not born again) until he was 12.

    About two years ago I finally got rid of this deception, thanks to God-JESUS of course, and thank to information I found on the internet.

    We have all been LIED TO and the JESUIT brainwashing goes on concerning the hearts and minds of millions of people and especially vulnerable teenagers.

    I was a teenager when they taught me this AWFUL LIE called evolution and it made me VERY CYNICAL!


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