Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The truth will set you free

What I wanted to tell you earlier 
T., you don't have to respond, but I was responding to an American who had written me an internal mail on YouTube and this is what he had said:




Lol. I know what you meant. Sadly you aren't helping the cause of your lord and savior by calling others stupid. Jesus was a real person yes we can agree on that. Was he more than that I can't say that he was or he wasn't. Gods system is flawed, if you believe in him. If god is all mighty how can lucifer defy him? Doesn't that defeat the ideals that he is all powerful and all knowing? I really want to know what your beliefs on that are because I'm truly trying to find answers, but can't accept the hypocrisy in religions. And for you to damn people is a sin in itself. You cannot pass judgment onto others. It's people like you that make it hard for me to accept religion.


Hans S
Re: Reply to your comment on: Female Cop Tirelessly Beats Man with her Baton

This was my reply, and when I was writing I also had you in mind:

Re: Reply to your comment on: Female Cop Tirelessly Beats Man with her Baton

It is people like me who draw your attention, otherwise you wouldn't have written me.

It's all very simple, if you're able to believe, and belief itself comes from God and from no one else.

There's God, and there's His enemy, Satan=adversary.
Satan used to be the highest and the most beautiful and the most gifted angel, CREATED by God, before God had created human beings.
The creation of human beings is in fact the ANSWER by God to something He had anticipated: Satan's fall.

God is able to do this, because He exists in the eternal NOW: there is no time, for time is an ILLUSION!

He was called 'Morning Star', or 'Lightbringer' (Lucifer) and he witnessed the creation of Adam and Eve, and like all the angels he was amazed and bewildered about God's creative power.

But then
something terrible happened in 'Morning Star' s thinking, because he had heard that Adam would rule this earth, together with Eve.

Now all angels had been created by God to serve, and they were also meant to serve us humans.

There and then the problem started, because 'Morning Star, began to question God's wisdom because God had created the animals first, and thereafter He created two beings who were looking like angels, but also like animals.

'Morning Star' couldn't understand why God in all His wisdom and knowledge made such 'inferior' creatures like humans with the assignment to rule the earth, and at first he didn't understand anything about SEX and procreation, because, though Adam and Eve were created as full grown humans, in their minds they still were like children, even though they were very intelligent.

The mechanism of SEX wasn't yet activated (even among animals!), though there's nothing wrong with sexuality, because God had created this biological function.

Adam and Eve were NAKED and there was no shame.

They were watching each others bodies, but there was NO LUST.

They were like naked children who are happy with each other, while they were exploring the beauty of creation without thinking one second about sexuality.

But God wanted to know something very important: did these creatures love each other (or someone else) more than Him, their ©REATO®

Now God didn't create 'Morning Star' to be His adversary, but then and there, in the garden of Eden, or Paradise, 'Morning Star' turned into God's enemy because he had become JEALOUS!

HE WANTED TO BE GOD'S FAVORITE, and he had established that instead of this, Adam and Eve were God's favorites and God's crowning creation.

Then and there, Morning Star became haughty, and God called him His 'adversary'=Satan, because God doesn't like to be challenged by someone else who thinks he or she is 'god'.

God humiliated ex-Morning Star and he made him lower in rank than his former colleages, Michael and Gabriel.

Then Satan started a rebellion in heaven against his maker, and he obtained the support of one third of all the angels, or fellow morning stars, aka 'sons of God'.

Two thirds of all the angels remained faithful to their maker.

This was the start of ALL WARS!!

The rest of the story can be found in Genesis, and Satan was successful in seducing Eve into disobedience to God, because she wanted to be 'wise' (in fact wiser than Adam), and then she was able to seduce Adam, lest he too, would be a REBEL and a CRIMINAL.


ALL HUMANS ARE CRIMINALS and transgressors, and MOST crimes are related to CORRUPTED SEXUALITY, which came forth from the rebellious nature of man since the Fall.

And then there's GREED and the love of MONEY and the LUST for POWER and the practicing of false religions = attempts to obtain 'divinity' APART from God and WITHOUT God!

All these things came into the world through Satan and his rebellion against God, and because people were- and are listening to him, EVEN WHEN THEY DENY THE FACT THAT GOD AND THE DEVIL EXIST!

Only ONE human being was 100% IMMACULATE and INNOCENT like a LAMB: the LION of the tribe of David=KING=JESUS=GOD as a human being!

Now the TERRIBLE PUNISHMENT for ALL rebels against God, be it angels or humans, is the second death=ETERNAL SEPARATION from God=DAMNATION= THE LAKE OF FIRE, aka HELL= God's WRATH.

GOD HATES EVERYONE who chooses to hate Him or who is indifferent towards Him.

He can NOT destroy them, because angels and humans were meant to exist FOREVER.

But God is able to DETAIN them in a special DARK place in HIS universe:

Hell is His 'garbage can', and after the Final Judgement (which will be EXTREMELY FAIR and JUST) He'll COMPLETELY IGNORE those creatures, because THEY DIDN'T WANT TO LOVE HIM, and his ALTER EGO, JESUS Christ!

All people who want to love Him, will be spared from His terrible wrath!

I really DON'T CARE what you think of me, because I'm a messenger of God, and I'm telling you that you're LOST without JESUS Christ!

God loves you and He wants to SAVE you...and now it's up to you what to decide.

I'm Hans, from the Netherlands, and Hans means John in English, and John is English for Yochanan, which is a HEBREW name, and Yochanan means YHVH=I am, who I am=God is MERCIFUL.

MIND YOU: choosing JESUS is choosing the God of Israel and of the Bible, and the whole world will HATE you, because Satan rules this world and he hates the Jews and the real Christians=followers of Jesus Christ.

Be prepared to be mocked and persecuted or worse.

COWARDLY people are not willing to follow Jesus and they will choose Satan and an 'easy life'.....but God's terrible wrath is imminent, but He will take away His real worshippers first during the coming RAPTURE, which will take place in a split second, and then the antichrist will appear.

God's wrath is NOT upon His loved ones!

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