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Clinton urges 2-state solution for Israel

NWO-Bill Clinton, destroyer of Serbia and notorious for (not?) having sex without penetration with interns and other women, despite being married.

The only choice for Israel to remain a Jewish and democratic nation is to work toward a two-state solution, former U.S. President Bill Clinton said. "You have to cobble together some kind of theory of a two-state solution, and the longer you let this go, just because of sheer demographics, the tougher it's going to get. I don't see any alternative to a Palestinian state," the former U.S. President said in a speech before the Peres Academic Center in Rehovot Monday night.

 Clinton urges 2-state solution for Israel

Rage in Brazil
The days of rage have caught observers of this emerging Latin American powerhouse by surprise and rattled a government already suffering from decaying popularity. Triggering the revolt was an innocuous-seeming fare increase of about nine cents for public transportation in São Paulo. But the outrage touched a nerve in this sprawling metropolis of 18 million, where 7 million people depend on a precarious network of buses and subways,   

Beck: Government ‘Dragging’ Us Into a War We ‘Will Not Survive’ in the Middle East
Glenn Beck asserted on his weekday television program Monday that “we are moving in the wrong direction [as] a country,” particularly with regard to the Middle East, and that that “we will all be destroyed because of it.” Speaking about the U.S. government’s recent decision to arm the rebels in Syria, Beck said lawmakers in both parties are “dragging” us into yet another war.  

‘A Redrawing of the Map’: Syria’s Assad Delivers Chilling Warning to Europe & the World
Syria’s president warned that Europe “will pay a price” if it delivers weapons to the rebels fighting him, saying in an interview published Monday that arming them would backfire as the “terrorists” return to their countries with extremist ideologies. Assad further warned that as the conflict spills into neighboring countries, blurring borders, it will set off a domino effect.   

Does the Bible Predict God’s End-Times Destruction of Syria — and Is Prophecy About to Unfold Before Our Eyes?
As the situation in Syria intensifies and the United Nations reports that 93,000 civilians have been killed since 2011, the United States is taking increased action. With the deadly drama continuing to progress, it’s likely that some — especially considering Syria’s Biblical and geographical significance — will see End Times prophecy unfolding.   

There’s an Actual Pagan Academy in NYC Training Adults to Become Real-Life Witches
Those who dislike or are relatively unfamiliar with the occult will likely be surprised to learn that a witchcraft school — like an adult version of Hogwarts — is in full operation in the center of New York City. The Wiccan Family Temple Academy of Pagan Studies, while...different from the fictional school that Harry Potter...attended, does provide some intriguing elements that will serve as a surprise to those with little familiarity with Pagan beliefs and witchcraft.   

Does the Bible Predict God’s End-Times Destruction of Syria — and Is Prophecy About to Unfold Before Our Eyes?
...With the deadly drama continuing to progress, it’s likely that some — especially considering Syria’s Biblical and geographical significance — will see End Times prophecy unfolding. ...During a phone interview with TheBlaze, Rosenberg explained Syria’s significance in the Bible, noting two prophecies in the Old Testament — one in Isaiah 17 and another in Jeremiah 49...that both speak specifically about the future of Damascus... 
Met Office experts meet to analyse 'unusual' weather patterns
About 20 of the UK's leading scientists and meteorologists are due to meet at the Met Office to discuss Britain's "unusual" weather patterns. They will try to identify the factors that caused the chilly winter of 2010-11 and the long, wet summer of 2012. They will also try to work out why this spring was the coldest in 50 years - with a UK average of 6C (42.8F) between March and May.   

World economic group calls for global exchange of tax information to fight evasion
A top world economic group has called for the creation of a global system to automatically funnel financial information about individuals and companies from countries where their earnings and investments are located to jurisdictions where they might owe taxes.   

Edward Snowden: Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped
“Journalists should ask a specific question: since these programs began operation shortly after September 11th, how many terrorist attacks were prevented SOLELY by information derived from this suspicionless surveillance that could not be gained via any other source? Then ask how many individual communications were ingested to achieve that, and ask yourself if it was worth it. Bathtub falls and police officers kill more Americans than terrorism, yet we've been asked to sacrifice our most sacred rights for fear of falling victim to it.”   

The magnetic field of sunspot AR1775 is growing more complex, increasing the chance of an eruption. NOAA forecasters estimate a 20% chance of M-class solar flares on June 19th. Meanwhile on the farside of the sun, an un-numbered active region is seething with activity, and appears capable of significant eruptions.   

SARS Virus Variant MERS Spreading from Middle East
Thirty-three people are dead from MERS, a coronavirus that the World Health Organization (WHO) is calling a “threat to the entire world”. MERS, for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, is a newly discovered virus that causes severe respiratory infection.There have been 58 laboratory-confirmed cases world-wide since the virus was discovered last September. Saudi Arabia claims about half of all cases of MERS. Some 30 people have died. Alarm bells are not over what has been MERS has done, but for what it has the potential to do.   

New 'Embryonic' Subduction Zone Found
"What we have detected is the very beginnings of an active margin -- it's like an embryonic subduction zone," Dr Duarte said. "Significant earthquake activity, including the 1755 quake which devastated Lisbon, indicated that there might be convergent tectonic movement in the area. For the first time, we have been able to provide not only evidences that this is indeed the case, but also a consistent driving mechanism."   

Report: Kim Jong Un Hands Copies of 'Mein Kampf' to Top Officers
A report from New Focus International, a North Korean news organization that runs underground to avoid the scrutiny of the tyrannical government, senior government officials got copies of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf for Kim Jong Un’s birthday in January. Only a few copies were handed out, since most books are banned in the country; such gifts are called “hundred-copy books” in North Korea.   

BREAKING NEWS! Millions of Protestors in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
At this time, we are unsure on what is going on in Brazil, but the mainstream media isn't reporting this. Something is up. All we have on this breaking news story is this photograph and the video of the protestors in the streets of Rio de Janeiro.   

Obama Says Bernanke Has Stayed at Fed ‘Longer Than He Wanted’
President Barack Obama said Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke has stayed in his post “longer than he wanted,” one of the clearest signals the central bank chief will leave when his current term expires next year. “Ben Bernanke’s done an outstanding job,” Obama said...when asked about nominating him for another term subject to Senate approval. “He’s already stayed a lot longer than he wanted or he was supposed to.”  

Syria rebels 'beheaded a Christian and fed him to the dogs' as fears grow over Islamist atrocities
Syrian rebels beheaded a Christian man and fed his body to dogs, according to a nun who says the West is ignoring atrocities committed by Islamic extremists.   

Police arrest dozens in raids across Turkey after protests
Police raided addresses across Turkey on Tuesday and detained dozens of people after nearly three weeks of anti-government protests, local media reported. State media TRT said 25 people had been detained in the capital Ankara, 13 in Eskisehir to the west and "many" in Turkey's biggest city Istanbul. A police source confirmed the operation and said: "For now, only provocateurs will be taken for questioning."   

Nicaragua shook by 5.4-magnitude earthquake
Nicaragua’s Pacific coast continues to shake, rattle and roll. At 9:12 on Monday morning another 5.4-magnitude quake was registered 61 kilometers off the coast of Puerto Sandino, León. No damage or injuries were reported.   

India floods: Death toll rises amid heavy rain
The death toll from flooding and landslides triggered by heavy rain in northern India has risen to 70, media reports say. At least 45 people have died in Uttarakhand state, while flood-related deaths have also been reported in Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Over 150 buildings in Uttarakhand have been damaged, and at least one building washed away.   

Afghans take nationwide security lead from Nato
Nato has handed over security for the whole of Afghanistan for the first time since the Taliban were ousted in 2001. At a ceremony in Kabul, President Hamid Karzai said that from Wednesday "our own security and military forces will lead all the security activities". Observers say the best soldiers in the Afghan army are up to the task but there are lingering doubts about some.  

17 Jun 13
There are 7 sunspot groups on the Earthside of the sun, but none has a complex magnetic field that harbors energy for strong eruptions.   

Sarah Palin: The NSA ‘Couldn’t Find Two Pot-Smoking Deadbeat Bostonians with a Hotline to Terrorist Central in Chechnya…Really?’
“Our government spied on every single one of your phone calls,” Palin observed, “but it couldn’t find two pot-smoking deadbeat Bostonians with a hotline to terrorist central in Chechnya…really? And it’s built apparatus to sneak into all of the good guys’ communications, but oopsy-daisy! It missed the Fort Hood mass-murder of our own troops, despite this Islamic terrorist declaring his ideology in numerous army counseling sessions…and on his own business cards. But…no red flags there. Really?” 
News Massive blast devastates Damascus area
"It was so big. There was a white light followed by a sound like thunder," said one resident who was several kilometers from the site.   

School Recites Pledge in Arabic, One Nation Under Allah?
But an Arabic translation of the Pledge of Allegiance would have replaced “one nation under God” with “one nation under Allah.” “This is no longer about language,” wrote one reader in a letter to the local newspaper. “This is about targeting a group you know will object, intentionally stirring them up under the guise of your opinions on multiculturalism and subjecting your school and community to a divisive issue for absolutely no gain.”   

Amid Calls for ‘Holy War,’ Egypt Severs Diplomatic Relations with Syria
Egypt’s Islamist president announced Saturday that he was cutting off diplomatic relations with Syria and closing Damascus’ embassy in Cairo, decisions made amid growing calls from hard-line Sunni clerics in Egypt and elsewhere to launch a “holy war” against Syria’s embattled regime. Mohammed Morsi told thousands of supporters at a rally in Cairo that his government was also withdrawing the Egyptian charge d’affaires from Damascus.   

NSA leaked documents reveal U.S. spied on Russian president
Hours after President Obama met with then Russian president Dmitry Medvedev in 2009, U.S. spies reportedly intercepted top-secret communications between Medvedev and his delegation. 
Only an all-out war can depose Assad. Anything less is like being 'half-pregnant'
Syria's insurgents cannot win just by getting a few more weapons. If the West intervenes, it will be as a main player   

Iran to send 4,000 troops to aid President Assad forces in Syria
Washington’s decision to arm Syria’s Sunni Muslim rebels has plunged America into the great Sunni-Shia conflict of the Islamic Middle East, entering a struggle that now dwarfs the Arab revolutions which overthrew dictatorships across the region. For the first time, all of America’s ‘friends’ in the region are Sunni Muslims and all of its enemies are Shiites. Breaking all President Barack Obama’s rules of disengagement, the US is now fully engaged on the side of armed groups which include the most extreme Sunni Islamist movements in the Middle East.   

The Government’s Spying Is Not As Bad As The Whistleblower Said … It’s WORSE
The National Security Agency has acknowledged in a new classified briefing that it does not need court authorization to listen to domestic phone calls. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat, disclosed this week that during a secret briefing to members of Congress, he was told that the contents of a phone call could be accessed “simply based on an analyst deciding that.”  

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