Saturday, June 1, 2013

George Carlin ~ The American Dream

George Carlin ~ The American Dream 

 Warning: foul language 


George Carlin


America; the evil empire


America - murdered by the hand of the inevitable


  1. Eddie kinda talks like George Carlin, don't ya think??


    You're right, but Eddie also has a slight Dutch accent, because he was born in the Netherlands (my country) were he had spent the first seven years of his life, and he's still able to speak Dutch.

    He's one quarter Indonesian which makes him an interesting mixture of ethnicity.

    He's not the greatest guitarist of all-time, but he certainly is one of the most innovative guitarists in the rock genre.

    This was my first encounter with LL Cool J, because I'm not into rap, but he seems to be a nice guy.

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  2. Eddie van Halen is originally from my country and he's a great electric guitar player.

    This song is about the result of living like there's no tomorrow and without responsability, which leaves someone feeling desperate and lonely, because there's 'nobody waiting at home'.

    That's exactly what the devil wants.

    So one might see this song as a warning.

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    Hans S

    Hans S 1 seconde geleden

    Don't be running with the devil, because it will kill you in the end, because Satan wants people to be self destructive, and then they're also destructive to others.

    Young people are tempted to follow Satan and his pride, but there's always a (high) price to be paid.

    Eddie had to cope with alcoholism, and fame and fortune and the availability of unlimited sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll doesn't make people happy and stable.

    I know this song from when I was 18, in 1978
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  3. America (or Canada, where you're from) used to be a beacon of light and of freedom of speech, but it turned into a country of SAVAGES who are following a MARXIST pseudo MUSLIM-'Christian' like 'Obama'.

    The US is going down the drain, and that's part of Gods wrath, because America has rejected God, and so He's withholding His blessing.

    It's sad to see America falling away.

    The US is running with the devil; SATAN Obama, who's sent by the satanic Jesuits of the Vatican
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