Monday, June 24, 2013

Jesuits & Their Plan To Weaken The Nations in Preparation For Their Antichrist

The maxims are however, most applicable to the Jesuit Superior General, his Blue-blood Ten-Man Jesuit Council, his Ten Jesuit Assistants ruling over the world’s Ten Jesuit Assistancies, and the rest of Satan’s Professed Jesuits of the Fourth Vow composing two percent of the Company.  Based upon a slough of Jesuit histories, the following scenario fits perfectly.

The Jesuit Superior General speaks:

 “In order to weaken all nations, to submit them to the Temporal Power of his most  Satanic Majesty, the final and last Pope of Rome, he to be murdered by our Master, to then be raised from the dead by our Master, to then be bodily indwelt by our Master, to be that perfect man with a spotless bloodline, to then rule the world for 42 months as the Antichrist/Man-Beast, we do ordain the following rules of engagement:

ULTIMATE DECEPTION; The Black Pope in White




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