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The Secret History of Dinosaurs

A MUST SEE-The Secret History of Dinosaurs 

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A True Story
All Credits to Restoring Genesis Ministries.
This is God's Channel...To His Glory

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I can relate to that; I'm from the Netherlands and I also went to public schools, and during my highschool years I was BRAINWASHED with the LIE of evolution, and also through books, TV and other media, but God intervened through a christian broadcaster in my country, which showed me the truth about creation versus 'evolution'. I'm a believer in JESUS Christ now, but Satan's power over me used to be very strong, because my dad was an atheist and an antichrist,
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and my mother a Roman Catholic who couldn't tell me anything from the Bible except her version of 'jesus', so I had to discover everything myself.

After my conversion my dad declared me insane and my mother thought I was brainwashed by some kind of cult, but the truth is that JESUS had come into my life, which changed everything.
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This is a very good video, even though the quality is low, and I pray this prayer; "Heavenly Father, bless this video and let MILLIONS of your precious people watch it, in JESUS' name, amen".
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Restoring Genesis Ministry


Genesis Ministries International

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so im 43 seconds into this video, and in two side by side sentences he says" the mysteriously died off..." then he says " they evolved"...soooooo did they die or did they not? obliviously evolution if for idiots animals dont transform into other animals, we dont even have the skeletons, fossils, or proof that worms turned into dinosaurs, then to cats, then to bugs, or whatever the ridiculous claim states. but then again, obviously they arent around today. soooo hmmm.

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This is what's been said;

Today in the 21st century, most people have been taught that the dinosaurs roamed the earth 65 million years ago, and mysteriously died off after a comet hit the earth, somehow, over millions of years, the surviving dinosaurs then evolved into the birds of today, this idea, though taught in almost every school and major university, has not been supported with evidence from history or the geologic record..etc.
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How can so many scientists be wrong about evolution?



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Dinosaurs Never Existed! 


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  1. I'm not a protestant; I'm a follower of JESUS Christ, just like Peter, John and the other first disciples. You need to get out of 'Babylon', which is the Roman Catholic CULT, which is the smokescreen for the Roman Empire.

    Evolution was devised by the Jesuits of the Vatican, like many other LIES.

    Visit my site and you'll know my convictions; more info via my channel.

    I'm really glad you don't believe in evolution, but that's not enough; follow JESUS ONLY and not humans like the pope of Rome.

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