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World War 3 : Russian Military stages biggest War Games since the Soviet Era (Jul 14, 2013)

World War 3 : Russian Military stages biggest War Games since the Soviet Era (Jul 14, 2013) 

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News Articles:

Russian military stages biggest war games since Soviet times

(Other Exercise this Month with China) SOMETHING IS UP PEOPLE WAKE UP ! ! !
China and Russia send joint force of 19 warships to Sea of Japan in largest ever naval exercise

WW3 Imminent - USA, Russia massing troops, missiles, war ships around Syria


World War 3 : U.S. led ground invasion exercises taking place on Syrian border (Jun 20, 2013)


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  1. You mean; Iran and Russia cannot defeat THE GOD of Israel; Israel is NOTHING without THE GOD OF ISRAEL=YHVH=I AM, WHO I AM!

    I tell you a secret; God is my FATHER, and He's the God of Israel and His name is ישוע

    Psalm 83

    Ezekiel 38-39

    Satan works through the Vatican and 'Obama' is the henchman of the Jesuits and Pope Francis is the 'black pope in white', the boss of the Jesuits.

    vatican assassins

    h t t p : / /

    Bless the God of Israel!

    Hans S in reactie op 777davidelijah (De reactie weergeven)

  2. Read Ezekiel 38/39 concerning your country and Israel

    Прочитайте Иезекииль 38/39 относительно вашей страны и Израиль

    Hans S in reactie op Павел Олейник (De reactie weergeven)

  3. The VATICAN is behind the NWO, not "the jews"

    'Obama' (Frank Marshall Davis jr or Barry Davis) is the henchman of the Pope of Rome; Francis, the JESUIT 'black pope in white'.

    vatican assassins

    Hans S in reactie op Traitor Hunter (De reactie weergeven)


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