Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Experts: Syria Chemical Weapons Attack “Suspicious”

Experts: Syria Chemical Weapons Attack “Suspicious”


Dubious Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria Coincides With UN Visit


The Secret Document That Proves China Considers The United States To Be A Mortal Enemy


Mo. Police Tackle and Arrest Peaceful “Impeach Obama” Protestors


33 Shocking Facts Which Show How Badly The Economy Has Tanked Since Obama Became President


West Coast of North America to Be Hit Hard by Fukushima Radiation


NSA Has Ability to Illegally Spy On 75% of All Internet Traffic

Kurt Nimmo | More evidence NSA surveils American people, not foreign terrorists.

Police Arrive to “Help” Man on Roof, End Up Tasering Him to Death

YouTube | Police arrived to help him down, but instead ended up killing him.

Brainwashing Campaign: “Radiation Doesn’t Affect People who are Smiling”

Mike Adams | Fukushima victim exposes Japanese government’s attempted bizarre brainwashing of radiation victims.

How The NSA Scours 75% Of The Nation’s Internet Traffic – In One Chart

Zero Hedge | The system has the capacity to reach roughly 75% of all U.S. Internet traffic.

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