Sunday, August 4, 2013

U.S. Issues Global Terror Threat Alert

U.S. Issues Global Terror Threat Alert

FBI gives telecom provider spying devices


John McCain Wants a New Cold War With Russia Over Snowden


 Oregon Sheriff’s Dept. Allows Public Insight Through Citizen Training Courses

Prison | Oregon sheriff’s department opens its doors and offers citizens opportunity to observe department’s inner workings.

Backpacks, Pressure Cookers, and the Truth

Bob Adelmann | It was a confluence of magnificent proportions.

XKeyscore: Instrument of Mass Surveillance

Stephen Lendman | Police states operate this way.

John McCain Wants a New Cold War With Russia Over Snowden

Kurt Nimmo | Also exploits former NSA analyst in bid to rescue Rothschild collaborator Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Labor union ‘raids’ on rise as rivals seek to boost membership, clout

L.A. Times | In the face of a steadily declining labor movement, unions are increasingly battling one another.

Designing the mind: a fable

Jon Rappoport | It’s easy to believe the mind is little more than a series of programs that can switched and replaced with no damage done.

Bradley Manning Verdict Convicts Washington

Paul Craig Roberts | Americans do not understand that the “justice system” is corrupted.

Should Hitler Dog Be Destroyed?

Prison | JC Penny recently pulled a kettle off it’s shelves because of some perceived likeness to Adolf Hitler.

Watchdog Group Sues For Details Of Obama Luxury Holidays

Steve Watson | Wants cost breakdown of “weekend with the boys, presidential style”.

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