Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Richard Dawkins' Dirty Little Secret



Evolution Vs. God

Gristenen met een dubbele agenda


13 Jun 2013
Hans S click. This is a lesson in honesty; all evolutionists think they've invented themselves and they hate God (=JESUS) because they hate to be judged by Him, so all you evolutionists be honest and say; 'I HATE GOD, ...
03 Jun 2013
No, I'm someone who used to love songs like this: Arthur Brown - "Fire" (1968) watch?v=gIMQ2s_5Mwg. Now I love songs like this; BRIDE - Heroes watch?v=21aX4BEjHno. I really believed in evolution and I loved Carl ...
26 Jun 2013
Hans S click. Okay, evolution has been officially declared dead, that's settled..let's move on to another subject: the earth is NOT moving and the sun and the stars and the other celestial bodies orbit earth. The Earth does NOT ...
07 Jun 2013
Ah, poor evolutionists...they torture themselves by going to a Biblical creation museum, and it's all about GUILT... Yes, that's right! Evolution is a SATANIC LIE, and unless they repent, all atheistic evolutionists will end up in ...


  1. Good!

    The Roman Catholic CULT is Satan's tool to destroy the real faith
    ...but it will fail, and it failed, because even though it murdered tens of millions of our brethren and Jews in the past, in the present (islam is concocted by the Vatican) and in the future (the two beasts will serve the Vatican) JESUS' congregation of real believers is indestructible.

    The word 'church' is nowhere to be found in the original manuscripts; it's also a Roman Catholic invention.

    'Assembly' is a better word.


  2. This so called 'stratovani' coward seems to know me better than I know myself....

    But I've got news for you; I'm blocked by the christian-religious uploader of this video; Evolution Vs. God


    Too bad for him: now he has something to explain to JESUS, he SEEMS to believe in.

    Always a lot of fun with 'christians'.

    Well I'm NOT a 'christian'; I'm a follower of JESUS Christ.

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  3. Satanic idiots on a christian video, claiming this site as their own, and only because these criminals refuse to use their God-given common sense.

    Question for the evos; give me just ONE example of Darwinian evolution; one kind changing into another kind, and I hope you know what a 'kind' is.


  4. Yes I can!

    God vs Evolution

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  5. In October 2012, a BBC television documentary entitled Creationism: Conspiracy Road Trip aired in the UK. I was one of the invited creationist participants on this program, which as we will see, was highly edited, misrepresented what really took place and totally failed to give a balanced view of the subject.

    What follows is an outline of what the documentary was originally supposed to be about, and how that all changed once we were on the road.

    google; A road trip with a difference! - Creation


  6. The evidence for the biblical model is so strong
    that even the world’s most famous living evolutionist, Richard Dawkins, must concede this point. “We can’t see evolution happening because we don’t live long enough,” he said in a 2009 interview. In other words, evolution is unobservable.

    Wow. Not only is the “Evolution is fact!” claim false, but the complete opposite is true. Furthermore, since evolution is not observable, evolution isn’t even science!
    Hans S

    Hans S 1 second ago

    Yet, somehow in spite of this, Dawkins still concludes, “Evolution is a fact.”

    Source (google); Is Evolution an Observable Fact? - Institute for Creation Research

    Conclusion; evolutionists are INSANE!

    Hans S

    Hans S 1 second ago

    Question for the evos; give me just ONE example of Darwinian evolution; one kind changing into another kind


  7. No end to INSANITY with a person like 'stratovani', and who the HELL is Dawkins?

    Evolution is unobservable and since it's not observable, evolution isn’t even science!

    It's a mere LSD-trip!

    Or a DELIRIUM!
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