Tuesday, November 5, 2013

FEMA Camps: City to Exile the Homeless; It’s not a Conspiracy Theory Anymore

FEMA Camps: City to Exile the Homeless; It’s not a Conspiracy Theory Anymore


Obama denies ‘you can keep it’ videotaped promises


Island of debris the size of TEXAS from 2011 Japanese tsunami is headed straight for the U.S.


TSA Sought Firing Range for Firearms Training Two Weeks Prior to LAX Shooting

Kit Daniels | Agency now has more resources to arm airport screeners.

Police, Doctors Force Man To Undergo Humiliating Enemas, Anal Exams And X-rays

Steve Watson | All because suspect ‘clenched his butt’ during routine traffic stop.

Feds Move to Pin LAX Shooting On Patriots

Kurt Nimmo | FBI notes alleged shooter’s “concerns about a New World Order.”

DHS to Hire “Top Secret” Domestic Security Force

Paul Joseph Watson | Is the Department of Homeland Security building a mercenary unit?

Arming TSA officers hits resistance on the Hill

Politico | Friday’s slaying of a Transportation Security Administration officer is fueling calls from union leaders to give some of the agency’s employees guns.

Al Qaeda Building Base on the Moon

Prison Planet.com | Is Al Qaeda building a base on the moon? Political prankster Mark Dice talks with beach goers in San Diego to get their reaction to the “news.”

73,000 Marylanders Getting Dropped from Health Coverage

Prison Planet.com | WJZ-MD reports that around 73,000 Maryland citizens are being dropped from their health insurance coverage due to legal requirements from Obamacare.

ABC News Implies Alex Jones Responsible for LAX Shooting

Paul Joseph Watson | Hit piece suggests criticism of big government is “shadowy subculture” linked to violence.

Has Reddit Banned Almost All Alternative Media?

Steve Watson | Drudge Report, Infowars on political blacklist.

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