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Heliocentrism - False Science 
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Heliocentrism - False Science 


The earth is stationary

Published on Apr 21, 2013
He stretches out the north over the empty place, and hangs the earth upon nothing. Job 26:7

... the world also is stablished, that it can not be moved. Psalm 93:1

"Gravity and Inertia in a Machian Framework"
Barbour and Bertotti 1977
Institute of Theoretical Physics of the University of Pavia, Italy

see page 95

In this peer-reviewed physics paper it is demonstrated that the physical dynamics of a local body (Earth) rotating within a stationary universe, will result in the same effects as produced by a universe rotating around a stationary Earth. (such as Coriolis and Foucaults Pendulum)

Newton-Machian analysis of Neo-tychonian model of planetary motions

Popov 2013 European Journal of Physics

The calculation of the trajectories in the Sun-Earth-Mars system will be performed in two different models, both in the framework of Newtonian mechanics. [Heliocentrism and Geocentrism]. It is the aim of this paper to show the kinematical and dynamical equivalence of these systems, under the assumption of Mach's principle.

The dynamical description of the geocentric Universe

Popov 2013 - Department of Physics of Croatia

Using Mach's principle, we will show that the observed diurnal and annual motion of the Earth can just as well be accounted as the diurnal rotation and annual revolution of the Universe around the fixed and centered Earth. This can be performed by postulating the existence of vector and scalar potentials caused by the simultaneous motion of the masses in the Universe, including the distant stars.

Malcom Bowden "Geocentricity - The Hidden Scientific Evidence

Falsifying Einstein Video

Astronomer Gerardus Bouw "A Primer on Geocentricity"

Most 'critics' HAVEN'T WATCHED THE ENTIRE VIDEO, or NOT AT ALL, just because they HATE!!!!!!!!! God so much!
The 'heliocentric model' is SATANIC! DEMONIC! CRIMINAL!
'Evolution' is a SATANIC and CRIMINAL LIE!

Man, you're stupid and stratovani too.
Try to debunk this; Heliocentrism - False Science

The cornerstone of evolutionism is a so called spinning earth and the earth revolving around the sun, the so called heliocentric model.
BUT IT'S A CRIMINAL KIND OF NONSENSE! Heliocentrism - False Science


Geocentrism is Scientific, Heliocentrism is a Lie


Published on Jan 8, 2015
I believe the pope of Rome is Antichrist (Daniel 7:7-27,2Thessalonians 2:1-12,2Peter 2:1-22,1John 2:18-25, Revelation 13:1-9) and Rome 'Mystery Babylon the Great the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth' (Revelation 17:1-18).I urge every true Christian to come out of her.(Revelation 18:1-8) KJV Bible

During the Reformation this is what most Preachers taught regarding Antichrist
1522 Martin Luther,1536 Jean Calvin,1543 Phillip Melanchthon,1545 Andreas Osiander,1554 Nicolaus von Amsdorf,1558 Johann Funck,1560 Virgil Solis,1570 Georg Nigrinus,1572 David Chytraeus,1530 Johann Oecolampadius,1557 Heinrich Bullinger,1550 William Tyndale,1545 George Joye,1554 Nicholas Ridley,1553 Hugh Latimer,1582 Thomas Cranmer,1550 John Bale,1562 John Jewel,1587 John Foxe,1547 John Knox,1593 John Napier,1614 Thomas Brightman,1618 David Pareus :
-Antichrist,Man of Sin - Pope of Rome
-Book of Revelation Chapter 17 Harlot,Babylon - Roman Catholic Church
-Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Little Horn -- Papacy

After the Reformation this is what most Preachers taught regarding Antichrist
1798 Richard Valpy,1798 Joseph Galloway,1798 Edward King,1797 David Simpson,1796 Christian Thube,1795 George Bell,1794 Joseph Priestly,1793 James Bicheno,1768 Johann Ph. Petri,1764 John Wesley,1758 John Gill,1754 Thomas Newton,1745 John Willison,1740 Johann Al. Bengel,1735 Thomas Pyle,1729 Th. Crinsox de Bionens,1727 Sir Isaac Newton,1720 Charles Daubux,1712 Heinrich Horch,1706 William Whiston,1703 Daniel Whitby,1701 Robert Fleming, Jr.,1701 Johannes Cocceius,1700 William Lowth
-Antichrist,Man of Sin - Pope of Rome
-Book of Revelation Chapter 17 Harlot,Babylon - Roman Catholic Church
-Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Little Horn - Papacy
-Book of Revelation Chapter 13 Beast from the sea - Rome,Empire

Before the Reformation, this is what most Preachers taught regarding Antichrist
c. 1310 Dante Alighieri,c. 1331 Michael of Cesena,c. 1350 Francesco Petrarch,
c. 1367 John Milicz,c. 1379 John Wycliffe,c. 1390 John Purvey,c. 1412 John Huss,
c. 1497 Girolamo Savonarola
Book of Revelation 17 Harlot - Roman Church
Antichrist - Pope of Rome
Man of Sin , Abomination of Desolation -- Papacy

After the Reformation,this is what most Preachers taught regarding Antichrist
1689 Drue Cressener,1687 Pierre Jurieu,1685 Jacques Philippot,1684 Thomas Beverley,1681 Johann Alsted,1670 William Sherwin,1664 Henry More,1655 John Tillinghast,1654 Thomas Goodwin,1643 Johannes Gerhard,1631 Joseph Mede,1618 Daniel Cramer,1618 Matthias Hoe,1612 Andreas Helwig,1603 George Downame,1600 James I of England
-Antichrist,Man of Sin - Pope of Rome
-Book of Revelation Chapter 17 Harlot,Babylon - Roman Catholic Church
-Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Little Horn - Papacy
-Book of Revelation Chapter 13 Beast from the sea -- Rome

Biblical Expositors of the Post-Reformation Era-America:
1639 John Cotton,1644 Roger Williams,1644 Ephraim Huit,1646 Thomas Parker,1653 John Davenport,1658 Edward Holyoke,1669 Increase Mather,1698 Nicholas Noyes,1702 Cotton Mather,1724 William Burnet,1739 Jonathan Edwards,1757? Ezekiel Cheever,1757 Aaron Burr, Sr.,1767 Isaac Backus,1774 Samuel Langdon,1788 Benjamin Gale,1793 Samuel Hopkins,1794 Samuel Osgood,1794 William Linn
-Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Little Horn - Papacy
-Book of Revelation Chapter 13 Beast from the sea - Rome
-Antichrist,Man of Sin - Pope of Rome

Biblical Expositors of the Early Medieval Period
d. 430 Augustine of Hippo,6th century Andreas of Caesarea,d.735 Bede,12th century Waldensians,d.1105 Rashi,d.1164 Abraham ibn Ezra,c. 1178 Petrus Comestor
-Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Four Beasts - 1Babylon,2Persia,3Greece,4Rome
-Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Little Horn -- Antichrist

Biblical Expositors of the Early Church Period
c. 100 Josephus,c. 90 Yochanan ben Zakai,c. 61 Barnabas,c. 165 Justin Martyr,c. 202 Irenaeus,c. 236 Hippolytus of Rome,c. 240 Tertullian,c. 254 Origen,c.304 Victorinus of Pettau,c. 320 Lactantius,c. 339 Eusebius of Caesarea,373 Athanasius of Alexandria,c. 376 Cyril of Alexandria,c.? 407 John Chrysostom,c. 420 Jerome,449 Isidore of Pelusium,457 Theodoret of Cyrus
-Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Little Horn - Antichrist
-Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Four Beasts - 1Babylon,2Persia,3Greece,4Rome


  1. Heliocentrism - False Science

  2. +thetruthergirls Heliocentrism - False Science
    Hans S
    1 second ago

    +thetruthergirls Earth Is Motionless! - It DOES NOT move. - You have been lied to like always

  3. Heliocentrism - False Science

  4. +aaronn nisley
    There is NO 'solar system'.

    VID 06 Heliocentrism is False Science

  5. +KGuiste1
    The sun orbits the earth!

    Heliocentrism is a SATANIC LIE!
    The sun is the sun and not a star.
    The Bible is the only truth and not the garbage coming from sinners like so called scientists.

  6. +joggler66
    Evolution made me a very cynical person.

    It's EVIL!

    Without 'heliocentrism', no 'evolution'!
    Hans S
    5:32 PM

    +Armour Wearer
    And NASA also put men on the moon....NOT!!!
    Apollo Zero [Full Movie]

  7. +James Tierney
    I'm familiar with your occult view on the universe and earth and before my conversion I was an atheist, who had turned into an agnostic, because of certain experiences and knowledge, and strong doubts about 'evolution'.

    There was no fall of the angels before God=JESUS started to create heaven and earth.
    All the angels were enthusiastically watching while God was creating everything, so even 'Morning Star', or 'Lightbringer', who's now Satan.

    Learn more:

    There are no other inhabitable worlds in the universe, though I admit I also believed this in the past, but the idea is wrong.

    There's only ONE inhabitable world: Earth!

    Not Satan and the other fallen angels are responsible for the CURSE, but God=JESUS Himself!

    You're too much impressed by Satan!

    God cursed the earth and the universe and after the Last Judgment there will be no 'total makeover of earth and this universe', but a complete NEW Earth and a complete NEW universe/heaven!

    God doesn't want to be reminded of this earth and this universe in the future: He will make everything NEW!

    Watch the video 'VID 06 Heliocentrism is False Science' in one of my previous comments (I can only provide one link per comment).

    Start believing that God speaks the TRUTH and don't try to be smarter than Him.

    May JESUS bless you with His knowledge and wisdom.

  8. +joggler66
    Exactly, and I also used to call the Earth a planet in the past, due to brainwashing by the school system
    , and because I don't have a Christian-religious background, so it's indeed not about condemning anybody, but about education from the WORD of God.
    God re-educated me!

  9. +James Tierney
    "Anyone who thinks that our sun is not a star from the perspective of any other solar system but ours has as much comprehension of truth as the isolationist mindset you espouse" say this as if you're an angel who's able to travel through space...a fallen angel, who thinks he's smarter than God...

    You see my point?

    Heliocentrism is SATANIC, meant to DECEIVE us, and meant to RIDICULE the Bible and THUS God!!!

    Wake up, do research and let God minister to your heart, soul and mind, and BELIEVE what the Bible says, or believe what the devil says, in case you want to disobey, which Satan wants you to do.

    I was WRONG about heliocentrism, and I'm SO GLAD I know better now!


  10. +joggler66
    Amen: God (JESUS) Himself is the light!

    Hans S
    11:22 PM

    +KingJamesBible God (JESUS) Himself is the light!
    God doesn't need a sun (nuclear fusion reactor) in order to see what He's doing!

    Many people UNDERestimate God-JESUS!
    That's because they OVERestimate themselves, just like the silly fallen angel, Morning star, who's now Satan.

  11. +Christopher Joyce
    You said; 'God bless', after you've said something nasty like; "You obviously underestimate the Words of God for he is the God of order not chaos"

    JESUS is (the Word of) God and He's always right, and He's my Savior and I love Him and His Word, the Bible.
    It's not about me, but about Him.

    Have you already watched VID 06 Heliocentrism is False Science ?

    Videos like these have convinced me last year that heliocentrism is wrong and geocentrism is right, after having believed in heliocentrism far too long.

    I'm glad I'm seeing this now from GOD'S PERSPECTIVE, and not from the perspective of people who call themselves scientists and who are being revered in the eyes of the world.

  12. All: please read this if you consider yourself to be a true follower of JESUS, because calling someone else a liar who also believes in JESUS-God-the Bible-creation is a SIN: The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus in John 17:1-26

  13. +James Tierney
    I'm talking about JESUS and He is God!

    I believe the sun is much smaller than what the scientists assert.

    But believe what you want: I would have agreed with you a year ago, but God has shown me that heliocentrism is wrong, after having believed in it almost all of my life.

    Why do people always want to know things 'better' than God and the Bible?

    What started me doubting heliocentrism was my firm conviction (which also was a revelation) that the manned moon landings are a hoax.

    I was a boy of 9 years old when Neil Armstrong was supposedly the first man on the moon, and back then I believed it, and many years thereafter.

    When I discovered that these so called manned moon landings were a big lie (just like 9/11 and so many other things) it wasn't such a big step from being an adherent of heliocentrism unto being an adherent of geocentrism, after having done a lot of research.


  14. +Armour Wearer
    You don't get it: James Tierney is NOT my brother in JESUS Christ!

    He's talking on behalf of SATAN!

    The Roman Catholic CULT is the true church of Satan and this EVIL church is responsible for all the confusion.


    Anyone who's defending the SHIT that comes forth from this SATANIC CULT is complicit.

    Satanic infiltrators are everywhere on the internet.
    Hans S
    11:23 AM

    Heliocentrism is an ALLY of the SATANIC theory of evolution!
    Without heliocentrism, there is no evolution and Satan knows that!

    US Criminal Government; GoogleEarth-GeoSpatial-Intelligence Agency Fraudulent Overlay of Noah's Ark

  15. +James Tierney
    Why do you believe in JESUS?

    Why is He so important to you?
    Are you afraid to go to hell, or do you believe in Him because you LOVE Him?
    Or do you think you can EARN a place in heaven?
    If you want to be my brother in Christ JESUS than you'd better stop saying I'm an adherent of satanic doctrines by believing in the Biblical truth of a stationary earth and a sun which orbits around it.
    53 years I believed in the LIE called heliocentrism, based on BRAINWASHING by the school system and I'm grateful to God-JESUS He has finally shown me how wrong this doctrine is!

    Don't you realise how important this is?

    The end to heliocentrism, is the end to evolution, because these two LIES need each other!

    Without evolution there will be no more HOLOCAUST of the unborn and no more EXPLOSION of PORN and FORNICATION, which is a satanic attack on LOVE and MARRIAGE.

    When people think they're nothing but ANIMALS they do whatever they like, and that's exactly what Satan wants.

    I don't want you to go to hell and I'm telling you you're lost without the GRACE and LOVE of JESUS Christ.

    NO ONE will ever be able to earn heaven by doing the commandments, because EVERYONE will FAIL!

    ONLY JESUS was able to do the commandments, because He was/is without sin and He is God.

    I'm a ex-atheist who's father was an atheist too.

    He died when he was 53, but I believe he changed his mind while he was bleeding to death, while being in shock like an animal in the mouth of a predator.

    I laughed at religious people because I thought they were all INSANE.

    I used to be a firm believer (it's in fact a religion) in evolution and heliocentrism, and this gave me an excuse to think and do whatever I wanted.
    But this was leading me on a highway to hell!

    JESUS saved me from going to hell!

    Are you saved from going to hell, because ALL people are automatically going to hell, because NO ONE is righteous, no not one?

    Before my conversion, more than 30 years ago, I used to be very interested in the universe, but now it's not important to me.

    The whole universe had been created by God-JESUS in order to SERVE the Earth!

    The Earth was the FIRST creation!

    There were no moon, sun and stars!

    Believe what the Bible (God) says, or believe what people (sinners!) say: it's up to you.

    JESUS loves you and Satan hates you.

  16. +jamgrl38
    Tell them that heliocentrism is a LIE.

    Evolution is impossible without heliocentrism!

  17. +Christopher Joyce
    Thanks, Christopher.

    It's not about us but about the one who has created everything: JESUS Christ, God in the flesh.

    Let's expect Him, for He's coming!

  18. +Patrick Smith
    There are no '500 million year old worms'!

    Evolution is a dirty, filthy, stinking, SATANIC lie, so stop talking NONSENSE, repent or go to hell.

    JESUS loves you,
    Satan hates you!

    PS: I'm and EX-atheist and atheists are INSANE!

  19. +Patrick Smith Man, what NONSENSE!
    JESUS is the creator of everything and the BEST 'computer' is the human BRAIN, apart from God's own brain, and evolution is the MOST STUPID theory ever!

    PS: heliocentrism is also NON-EXISTENT:

  20. +Patrick Smith
    The earth is not 4.5 billion years old and it´s not possible to ACCURATELY date tens of thousands of fossil species.

    But you BELIEVE in this CRAP, and that´s your choice.

    I used to BELIEVE this CRAP too when I was a silly atheist, but JESUS has made me MUCH wiser, thanks to the Bible!

  21. +Patrick Smith
    The earth is about 6000 years old and my data are deriving from the word of God, the Bible.

    NO DISCUSSION, BECAUSE I`M RIGHT, and if you don´t like that, then don´t talk to me.

    You´re lost without JESUS Christ.
    He loves you and He died for you too on the cross, bearing OUR sins, being God in the flesh.

  22. +Patrick Smith
    Even if it were 1000 BILLION, they would all be wrong.

    Listen, Patrick, I think you're a nice guy, and I don't have anything against you, because I'm not the one who's going to judge you at judgement day, but God, aka JESUS.
    I tell you what I believe and you tell me what you believe, and only God is able to make you see things differently, as He did in my case.
    I've told you what I wanted to say and that's it.

  23. +Aaron Saltzer
    Watch this: Heliocentrism - False Science

  24. +Aaron Saltzer We don't fall off the earth because of gravity.
    No, I didn't follow your links because I'm an ex-atheist and a former adherent of the (erroneous) heliocentric model, so I don't need to go BACK to this NONSENSE.
    The Bible is RIGHT, and the earth was the FIRST celestial object that existed, before anything else was being CREATED like the moon, the sun and the stars.

  25. +Aaron Saltzer
    What is a 'Christian'?

    A religious person, but are you a born again follower of JESUS?
    The earth does not spin, but you're free to believe in fairy tales.

  26. I love BLOODGOOD, BUT
    Heliocentrism - False Science

  27. At 0:39 we see the earth spinning, but heliocentrism is a lie:

  28. 'Professor' Albert Einstein Unmasked At Last!!

  29. +b h Yes, the sun revolves around the earth: Heliocentrism - False Science
    Hans S
    1 second ago

    Explain why it's SUMMER on the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE, while it's WINTER on the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE.
    Indeed, much of the space endeavors were/are a HOAX and there were no men on the moon and pictures from Mars are manipulated pictures from Earth.
    Hans S
    1 second ago

    +Christina Beauchamp
    Watch the first footage from space, from a V-2 rocket and see that the earth is ROUND:

  30. +jhenningkelloggia
    Right: the Earth is standing STILL.

    It was the FIRST celestial body in the universe according to Genesis 1
    He's GOD!

  31. +Christina Beauchamp
    And who are you Christina?

    I'm a follower of JESUS Christ (not of Christina Beauchamp!) for almost 31 years, and I'm almost 55 years old, and you're not going to tell me whether I know MY FATHER'S Bible, or not, you hear?
    Go tell the gospel to FELLOW CRIMINALS, because that's what your are; A CRIMINAL who's LOST without JESUS Christ!

  32. +Michael York
    I used to think that the earth is 'just a (tiny) planet in a vast universe'.

    When I was 53 (I'm 55 now) I finally surrendered to the TRUTH that EARTH is the CENTRE of God's ATTENTION and LOVE, and also the centre of the universe.

    This has helped a lot, and share it with (stubborn) 'atheists' (God-deniers): Ezekiel38Rapture: Heliocentrism - False Science

  33. +pastorbobncc I watched that series too in the past when I still was an atheist
    It was all true to me, back then, but now I know it's a lie, thanks to JESUS!
    Hans S
    17 minutes ago

    +pastorbobncc This song was my first HUGE wake up call from God, and it isn't a Christian song at all, but it is a song made by a man (Ian Gillan) who used to be a Christian until he was12, and then became an apostate because of the LIES they had told him. Mr Universe - my conversion song
    It didn't last long (about a week), and then Satan got a hold on me again, because I hated Christianity and I didn't know real fellow followers of JESUS who could have helped me understand the Bible, because I was only interested in JESUS, and not in Peter, Paul and all the others.
    So I was 'running with the devil' again, which brought me on the edge of self destruction.
    Hans S
    16 minutes ago

    +pastorbobncc God granted me a LAST chance to get saved: JESUS is my BEST FRIEND! What about you?
    Hans S
    13 minutes ago

    +pastorbobncc And you know what? I'm no longer an adherent of the LIE called 'Heliocentrism'!
    Heliocentrism - False Science

    The Lord JESUS be with us!

  34. +Steve McRae
    The earth is the center of the universe and the first celestial body that God=JESUS created.

    Heliocentrism is a lie and so is evolution.
    It's no use to try to convince adherents of the evolution-heliocentrism-LIES they're believing in fairy tales, because I'm a former adherent of these LIES myself and only God=JESUS was able to convince me I was wrong.
    Heliocentrism - False Science

  35. +useitorloseit
    My way of thinking is: keep it simple!

    If I were God I would have done things the same as it's written in the Bible.

    It's all so VERY simple: God needed a 'battle ground' in order to determine what's GOOD and what's EVIL.

    The GOOD remains and the EVIL will be cast into His TRASH can, the lake of fire.

    The question is: on whose side are we?

    On God's side, manifested to us as the JEWISH JESUS from ISRAEL, or on Satan's side, manifested to us through HIS very own CULT, the Roman Catholic 'church', which rules the whole world on behalf of the fallen angel Lucifer.

    A sickly jealous morning star

  36. +Elizabeth Ashby The Earth is NOT FLAT! Watch this: Heliocentrism - False Science

  37. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist >>One reason so many Christians do not understand the Bible today is that we have a tendency to be like the clergy back in Galileo's day. Galileo's discovery that the sun, not the earth, is the center of the solar system, was against the church doctrine of the time. For centuries, the clergy had taught that the earth was the center of the universe even though the Bible never says this. The clergy guarded their ignorance so carefully that they would not even look into Galileo's telescope to see his evidence.<<

    It's a FACT that there is NO 'solar system'!

    The EARTH was the FIRST and ONLY created object in 'heaven'=the universe and it DOES NOT SPIN!

    Heliocentrism - False Science

  38. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
    +p-brane +Jim Beckwith The earth is ROUND and a SPHERE and it's NOT spinning and it's INDEED the center of the universe!

    Ezekiel38Rapture: Heliocentrism - False Science

  39. +Billy Your Brother The 'book of Enoch' is not Biblical, period.

    I believe there were giants because the Bible says so, and the Bible is able to convince BLIND people, so they don't need to watch videos about 'Nephilim' who were 70-80 feet tall.

    I believe the earth is ROUND, just like the moon and it's not spinning and the sun revolves around it and everything else too, because Genesis is the truth.

    'Jehovah's witnesses' are in fact serving the Vatican NWO and Satan, without realizing it, because the leadership has ties to the Vatican, and this goes for the Mormon-cult too.

    JW's are just as lost as everybody else who aren't BORN AGAIN through the Holy Spirit, who is JESUS in spiritual capacity.

    Their 'Bible' is FAKE and FALSE.

    Just tell them they are lost without JESUS Christ, and that they need to read a REAL Bible.

    I've talked a lot to them in the past.

    Fortunately there are EX-Jehovah's witnesses.


    PS: 'Jehovah' or 'Yahweh' is NOT the name of God: it's SIMPLY 'I AM (who I AM)'.

    JESUS is 'I AM SALVATION': I AM in the capacity of SAVIOR.

    JESUS is with us!
    Hans S
    10:42 PM

    +Billy Your Brother Heliocentrism - False Science

  40. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
    Dear Joyce, let me end this debate, once and for all: the Earth was the FIRST object God=JESUS created in an EMPTY UNIVERSE=heaven.

    On the FOURTH day HE created the other celestial bodies: the sun, the moon and the stars and they ALL revolve around the STATIONARY Earth.

    The Earth is NOT spinning and there's NO 'solar system'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ezekiel38Rapture: Heliocentrism - False Science

    NASA is a project of the SATANIC VATICAN!!
    The UN too,
    NATO too,
    The USA too,
    The EU too!!



    And God=JESUS ALLOWS it to happen: it's His WRATH on a ROTTEN and EVIL HUMANITY!

  41. +Atheism is Madness
    I don't believe in a flat earth: the earth is as round as the moon and the sun!.

    I used to be an adherent of the theory of evolution in the past, and I believed in the heliocentric model, but now I know the earth is standing STILL and the sun is revolving around earth and the stars too.
    This has been a real revelation to me and this happened in 2013, when I was 53, and already 29 years a follower of JESUS and a believer in creation.
    But I kept believing in the WRONG model until that year, and it was due to explanations like this: Heliocentrism - False Science I changed my mind.
    I'm so HAPPY to know the Bible and Moses in Genesis are speaking the TRUTH!
    And JESUS is the TRUTH!
    Atheism is Madness
    6:02 AM

    Hans my friend, check out this 8 minute nugget of coverup.
    Watch "Dinosaurs: PROVEN YOUNG in 8 minutes (Dinosaur SECRET)" on YouTube
    Hans S
    6:09 AM

    +Atheism is Madness
    Thanks, Shane, and I already know this video and I'm promoting it on my site:

  42. The earth has the same shape as the moon and the sun.
    The earth is not spinning and it was the first celestial body that God created, and on day four of creation the rest was made and they all revolve around earth.
    Ezekiel38Rapture: Heliocentrism - False Science

  43. +doncooper512
    What Moses told us on behalf of God=JESUS in Genesis is the SIMPLE TRUTH, because the Kingdom of Heaven is meant for those who are like CHILDREN.

    Yes, ALL the celestial objects revolve around EARTH.
    I had been FOOLED until 2013 and then I discovered the TRUTH: Ezekiel38Rapture: Heliocentrism - False Science
    Please study it and then come back with questions.

    Evolution is a big fat lie and NASA is one of the worst LIE-'factories' in history on behalf of the satanic Vatican.

    ISS Space Station hoax yes the iss and pretty much everything else to do with NASA


    More on the fall of the former angel morning star/son of the dawn/Light bringer-Light bearer (Lucifer), now known to us as Satan=adversary: A sickly jealous morning star

  44. +doncooper512
    Of course you know everything better and you were there BEFORE God existed....
    In case you decide to keep this attitude I won't see you in heaven.
    People with your attitude don't belong to heaven, but they're Satan's company.
    When you were a boy did you tell your dad he was an asshole?

  45. +Donna Diggzzz I used to believe in a 'solar system' from about the same time 'the system' taught me nonsense like 'evolution', but as a small child I noticed that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, revolving around the earth.....well, believe it or not: that's the truth!
    In 2013 God opened my eyes to this truth when I was 53, and this video was one of the best eye-openers to me: Heliocentrism - False Science

    So this means the Bible was right all the time, and God-the Lord JESUS waited patiently all those years till I was eventually ready to accept His truth and was able to reject the lies of the 'scientists'.
    Love in our Lord JESUS from your brother Hans, from the Netherlands.

  46. +dmurphy25 Anna is right: the earth is a GLOBE!
    You are right: the earth is MOTIONLESS!

    Your sources are OCCULT: the 'book of Enoch' and the 'Testament of Salomon' are UNBIBLICAL!
    Stick to the BIBLE, the WORD of God and JESUS Christ is the WORD! Don't turn JESUS into a LIAR!
    You're right about NASA/NAZA: they are DIRTY LIARS on behalf of the Jesuits and the Vatican.
    Heliocentrism is a LIE: GEOCENTRICSM is the BIBLICAL TRUTH!

    Why can't we see the curvature of the earth? Because we simply can't get HIGH ENOUGH, because we are TOO SMALL and the earth is TOO BIG!
    So I agree with a LOT you're saying, but I don't go along with your BELIEF that the earth is FLAT!

    The SUN is NOT FLAT and he MOON is NOT FLAT and they are GLOBES too.
    They (and the stars) were created on day FOUR of creation by JESUS, because JESUS is GOD and He's the CREATOR.
    He and the BIBLE are ONE: He's the WORD of GOD!

    He 's the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

    So stop relying on OCCULT RUBBISH like the so called 'book of Enoch' and the 'testament of Salomon'.

    Why? Otherwise you are a LIAR for SATAN!

    Hans S1 second ago

    +Anna Forhisglory Hi Anna: please read this comment:

  47. +collfighter Amen, and JESUS is His name!

    collfighter50 minutes agoLINKED COMMENT
    Thank you. Just what I have been looking for. How did the enemy do it to hide this obviuos truth from blinded mankind. These "scientists" are not the noble, outstanding characters that we were taught to view them as. They were religious fanatics. So the bible is absolutely back in the game...yet again. Praise to God!

  48. +ShooterdoesMC Boss
    Nobody is putting against your head
    and is telling you, you MUST believe in God-JESUS-the Bible creation.
    If you're HONEST then you'll agree that Heliocentrism is unscientific.

    ShooterdoesMC Boss
    9:05 PM

    +Hans S fuckinf brilliant, you are a retard, YOUR EVIDENCE is a Christian FORUM?! That is the defenition of a horrible source, I may as well just use a really obscure crowd sourced Reddit/Wikipedia.

    1. +ShooterdoesMC Boss
      NASA exists, but it lies about EVERYTHING on behalf of the Vatican.

      ShooterdoesMC Boss
      9:47 PM

      +Hans S you still are not proving your point here that NASA doesn't exist, answer the damn question.

  49. +fueler747
    Amen brother!
    Hans S

    12:03 AM

    +ShooterdoesMC Boss
    JESUS is God, manifested in the flesh and He has NOTHING to do with the Vatican.
    He is (Y)OUR creator: get to know Him!


    Yesterday 12:54 PM

    We have been lied to all these years...thank God for thr internet acess while we still have the use of it...
    ShooterdoesMC Boss
    Yesterday 1:12 PM

    +Hans S you have to admit, Christianity is a greater whole tends be a piece of shit venerating who is literally a egotistical asshole, but even more is the problem of the "guillibility", a new study showed that certain Christians raised in strict religious households are more likely to not be able to tell the difference between reality and fiction.

    But yes, the Vatican tends to hide stuff a lot, you know what? If we are going down the speculation route, then might as well point out the it might the Vatican that is literally covering up a scam: Catholicism and Jesus. It's very suspicious that they have the "Vatican personal archives" with stuff dating back to before the time of "Jesus".

  50. +ShooterdoesMC Boss
    I don't have to provide anything and I remind you, you're commenting on my video-upload, so behave like a normal human being, or you will be blocked.

    You don't know me and you called me an imbecile, (in the wrong spelling).
    Did you parents teach you to be so uncivilized?
    Have you watched the video and do you realize that evolution is NOT possible when Heliocentrism is wrong, which it is?
    But evolution is impossible for more reasons.
    I'm an ex-atheist who used to BELIEVE in evolution, because I have NO Biblical background, and I never went to 'church'.
    But they taught me LIES at school, and because I thought they were telling me the truth, I BELIEVED them, because they were 'adults' and I was just a young adolescent.
    They lied to me about 'men on the moon' when I was 9 in 1969:

    And you know why?

    Because these deluded 'teachers' and 'authorities' and 'scientists' were deceived themselves when they were young, and because some clever PSYCHOPATH started this LIE in the past and his name is SATAN, and his henchmen on earth are the JESUITS of the Vatican who helped to spread this LIE.
    Evolution is a LIE from HELL!
    ShooterdoesMC Boss
    3:58 AM

    +Hans S no, it fucking does, it's a belief system based on doctrines, and on a guy. It's a religion you imbecil, it doesn't take a genius to realize that, are you sure you aren't mentally slow or something?
    ShooterdoesMC Boss
    3:59 AM

    +Hans S the later part of your argument has no evidence at all, and the parts we do have, do suggest your claim is even remotely real, provide evidence then from a reliable, reputable, and accurate source.

    You bring up the Christian forums, and it's over, it's done, no more, good job on horrible unprofessional sourcing.

  51. +Otto1kun Please do and it's an important weapon against evolutionism.

    Otto1kun56 minutes agoLINKED COMMENT
    Thanks for uploading this again, I'll spread it around.

  52. +ShooterdoesMC Boss It's about JESUS and not about religion, and you'd better get to know Him, because He's our creator. Meet Him as your best friend and Savior, or as your judge and your worst nightmare: it's up to you.

    ShooterdoesMC Boss1 month ago
    +Hans S it's a crowd source blog GENIUS, it is the same equivalent, but really? This website is garbage, like seriously Ezechiel 38? That isn't a reputable, reliable, or accurate source, here let me restate properly: NO CROWD SOURCED WEBSITES. Plus the website has a lot o obscure ads, including one that caught my eye: Emanuel TV. Really? That channel has some really shitty acting, and a really gullible audience, gives you a hint towards the validity of your source, which isn't even a valid source, it's the equivalent of a very obscure wiki, good job,you provided a garbage source.......
    ShooterdoesMC Boss
    ShooterdoesMC Boss1 month ago
    +Hans S yeah sure, keep telling yourself that, I'm sure you love religious delusion.

    1. +ShooterdoesMC Boss
      You're f*cked in the head by Satan, that's why you use the F-word so much.

      He's laughing at you, because he hates you and he'll drag you with him into the abyss.
      You're dead meat!
      You don't HAVE TO be saved and you're FREE to rot in hell, aka the lake of fire.
      You can become an angel of God or a fellow demon of the devil: it's up to you.

      ShooterdoesMC Boss
      12:16 AM

      +Hans S really? It's been fucking weeks, good job on running away, or should I say you called it a day? I sure as fuck did.
      ShooterdoesMC Boss
      12:18 AM

      +Hans S lmao, you are describing a religion, that doesn't change the fact that it is a religion. Your last parts are purely lacking in any sort of factual basis, and I can't take you seriously anymore, after you gave me a fucking forum. Feel free to ban me, I already proved what i had to say, you delusion is your garbage.

      I can't set a very high standard anymore, this comment section is a joke because of you, you gave me a fucking forum, a fucking obscure forum, the type of which would say "brass was found on the moon" type shit, get off your tin foil hat.

    2. +ShooterdoesMC Boss
      Just KILL YOURSELF and then you'll have all the EVIDENCE!

      But you want to RAMBLE ON, like a chicken without a HEAD!
      JESUS is FAR MORE DANGEROUS than stupid Satan!

      JESUS wants to SAVE you from HIS OWN WRATH on you, but in case you choose to remain His ENEMY, you'll REGRET FOREVER the fact that you EXIST, and you will CURSE YOURSELF in the lake of fire, God's ETERNAL DETENTION CENTER for entities like you, and you MUST and WILL proclaim that JESUS is THE LORD=THE BOSS FOREVER and nothing more and nothing less and God=JESUS will COMPLETELY IGNORE you!

      Hans S
      Apr 27, 2016

      +ShooterdoesMC Boss
      You're f*cked in the head by Satan, that's why you use the F-word so much.
      He's laughing at you, because he hates you and he'll drag you with him into the abyss.
      You're dead meat!
      You don't HAVE TO be saved and you're FREE to rot in hell, aka the lake of fire.
      You can become an angel of God or a fellow demon of the devil: it's up to you.
      ShooterdoesMC Boss
      Apr 27, 2016

      +Hans S all baseless shit claims, coming from the same idiot who gave me a forum as a citation, how stupid are you?
      ShooterdoesMC Boss
      Apr 27, 2016

      +Hans S "Satan", baseless claim, again, with out a shred of evidence, you bring up "near death experiences" and I'll happily debunk it for you, and call you a mentally slow dip shit.
      ShooterdoesMC Boss
      Apr 27, 2016

      +Hans S you mean the deity of paradox? Literally, the "God" you describe is a paradox, a literally badly made concept, that people constantly give excuses to, and do some horrible shit in the name of said deity. And yet, this deity has no evidence to support it, but we already went over this.

      (My use of the word fuck, is simply my language when I am dealing with someone who frankly lacks any intelligence...)
      ShooterdoesMC Boss
      Apr 27, 2016

      +Hans S I already proved my points, you have simply continued to either give me more baseless shit, that lacks anything factual, and continue with your delusion. But is your delusion, feel free to worship whatever you want, I don't care if you want to worship a koopa shell...
      ShooterdoesMC Boss
      3:43 AM

      +Hans S not a shred of evidence for that either. You are simply stating fallacy like and illiterate idiot. Which you are...
      ShooterdoesMC Boss
      3:44 AM

      +Hans S again, let me repeat. Not shred of evidence for either deities, or said place. Guess what? You are attempting a nullification theory, it ain't working in your favor. It goes to me, since you are unable to do that, it's a fallacy and paradoxical shit claim.

  53. +thegoldenboy294 Download the video and use a video program with which you can subtitle it. You can use Firefox with download-plugins in order to download it. I had downloaded this video myself with such a plugin and I decided to re-upload it when I discovered it was gone on YouTube. There's also a possibility on YouTube itself to subtitle videos.

    thegoldenboy2941 week ago
    can you subtitle this video to spanish? i live in latin america and would love to spread the word out here in LA. Or how can i subtitle it?

  54. +Yanni Nah This is not pathetic: it's the scientific truth! Esto no es patética: es la verdad científica!

    Yanni Nah1 hour agoLINKED COMMENT
    Esto es patetico.

  55. conor henderson The Bible is right and you are wrong. Calling me retarded and a liar won't change this FACT. And you're lost without JESUS Christ!


    conor henderson4 hours agoLINKED COMMENT
    This is absolutely false you are a liar and you misrepresented entire field of science and mathematics you're retarded you can't be trusted to find the facts and truth and reality you're wrong wake up


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