Friday, November 22, 2013

Lost Paradise (Juliette Valduriez)

Lost Paradise (Juliette Valduriez)

Damn satan! Damn our OWN REBELLION towards our MAKER

But to those who believe: Jesus will make good on his promise to restore Paradise

My comments:

There's much ANGER in this tune and that's because of the title of this song.
Imagine Eve playing guitar like this after she ate of the forbidden fruit, after the serpent gave her an electric guitar
It would have scared Adam to death, and then he saw her leave on her fast motorcycle......lost paradise, lost innocense....just my imagination gone wild...

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Raphael Tiu
x days ago

sounds a little bit like zakk wylde
You're right and then we see what testosterone can do to a person with real talent and skill and with bigger hands and fingers than Juliette, but Juliette is just....different.....without the testosterone.
I'd rather compare Juliette with great female violin or cello players, because she's NOT imitating a male guitar player.
The ONLY downside of this video and of this tune is: it's too short.


Increasingly, women show they want to be equal to men, but why is this written in God's Word?

Genesis 3:16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly thy sorrow and thy conception multiply in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children, and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over you

God wanted Adam to be the ruler of this world, but he listened to his wife and he obeyed her, instead of obeying God.

God punished him for this and he punished Eve with the above-standing words.

God wanted to prevent Adam to ever be submissive to his wife Eve (or women in general), and he wanted to prevent Adam to worship her , but that he would rather glorify God.

Men are born out of women and mothers rule over men when they are young.

Because of this since time immemorial women are worshiped as the givers of life instead of God, who is the real cause of all life on earth.

Remember the term "mother earth" and think about the glorification of "Mary" in the false Catholic doctrine, which is simply the worship of the ancient mother-goddess.

This is clearly caused by satan, contrary to the worship of God.

This is not what God wanted to see: Jesus Christ alone is worthy to be worshiped by men and women.

Only in Jesus Christ there is harmony between the male and the female and there is no conflict.

And so God's measures were intended to thwart satan, and not to thwart Adam and Eve.


Steeds vaker laten vrouwen zien dat ze gelijk willen zijn aan mannen, maar waarom staat dit geschreven in Gods Woord?

Genesis 3:16 Tot de vrouw zei hij: Ik zal zeer uw smart, namelijk uwer dracht vermenigvuldigen, in smart zult gij kinderen baren, en zal uw begeerte zijn naar uw man, en hij zal over u heersen

God wilde dat Adam de heerser van deze wereld zou zijn, maar hij luisterde naar zijn vrouw en hij gehoorzaamde haar, in plaats van God te gehoorzamen.

God strafte hem daarvoor en hij strafte Eva met de hierboven staande woorden.

God wilde voorkomen dat Adam ooit nog onderdanig aan zijn vrouw Eva zou zijn, en Hij wilde voorkomen dat Adam haar -of de vrouw in het algemeen- zou verheerlijken in plaats van God.

Mannen worden uit vrouwen geboren en moeders heersen over mannen als ze nog klein zijn.

Hierom wordt al sinds mensenheugenis de vrouw aanbeden als de gever van het leven, in plaats van God, die de werkelijke oorzaak is van alle leven op aarde.

Denk aan de term "moeder aarde" en denk aan de verheerlijking van "Maria" in de valse katholieke leer, hetgeen gewoon de aanbidding is van de aloude moeder-godin.

Dit is duidelijk door satan ontstaan in strijd met de aanbidding van God.

Dit is niet wat God wilde zien: alleen Jezus Christus is waardig om te worden aanbeden door mannen èn vrouwen.

Alleen in Jezus Christus is er harmonie tussen het mannelijke en het vrouwelijke en is er geen strijd meer.

En dus waren Gods maatregelen bedoeld om satan dwars te zitten en niet om Adam en Eva dwars te zitten.

The FIRST SATANIST on earth was a WOMAN!




The most EVIL WOMAN in history...


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    1. Adam and Eve were just as satisfied and happy as a baby in a womb!
      No need to work.
      No need to dress
      No need for a house
      No reason to be hungry and thirsty
      No reason to be bored or annoyed
      Procreating and raising children would have been a party.
      One God to worship
      No difference between being awake and being asleep.
      Only happiness and joy.


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