Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Angela Hitler

The World was Lied to about Hitler's Death


    It's all being orchestrated by Satan through HIS fake Christian church
    , the Roman Catholic CULT and its Jesuits. Pope Francis (the Jesuit black Pope in white) is the Antichrist and 'Obama' is the Vatican's stooge, much like the role of Hitler and Stalin (a Jesuit!) in the past. Angela Merkel plays a supporting role, because the two beasts of Revelation 13 will be two MEN.

  2. +Mark Stanton Jew haters will burn in hell, because God is a JEW: JESUS.
    Yes, there are (Papal) Jews who serve the Vatican (examples: Shimon Peres, Henry Kissinger), but the Vatican is the ROOT of all evil and NOT the Jews.
    The Jesuits and the Vatican use these bad influential Jews in order to put the blame on ALL the Jews.
    The Roman Catholic CULT is the true church of Satan, and the Pope is the Vicar of Christ=the instead of Christ=the ANTICHRIST, and 'Obama' is the MUPPET of the Pope.

  3. +Mark Stanton Joseph 'Stalin' was a JESUIT priest serving the Vatican, just like Adolf Hitler.

  4. +Dr. Maria Belalu Adolf Hitler
    Hans S
    6:04 AM

    +Dr. Maria Belalu The World was Lied to about Hitler's Death
    Hans S
    6:05 AM

    +Dr. Maria Belalu Angela Hitler

    There are now increasingly Germans who want her to be ARRESTED for HIGH TREASON!

    She is a MONSTER!

    YES, she is the daughter of Adolf Hitler!


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