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Pearl Harbor Roosevelt Jesuits

AllRoadsLeadToRome says:  
Thursday, November 29, 2007 at 6:31 pm  

The American people were DECEIVED into fighting the POPE’s war against the Japanese People during World War II, the consummation of the JESUIT GENERAL’S SECOND THIRTY YEARS WAR waged from 1914 to 1945. For the attack on Pearl Harbor was no surprise to the nation’s most visible Shriner Freemason, President Franklin D. Roosevelt (a Jesuit puppet).

President Roosevelt (a Jesuit puppet) provoked the Pearl Harbor attack, knew about it in advance and covered up his failure to warn the Hawaiian commanders. Roosevelt needed the attack to sucker Hitler to declare war, since the public and Congress were overwhelmingly against entering the war in Europe. It was his backdoor to war.

President Roosevelt blinded the commanders at Pearl Harbor and set them up by:

1. Denying intelligence to Hawaii (HI).
2. On November 27 and later, misleading the commanders into thinking negotiations with Japan were continuing to prevent them from realizing the war was on.
3. Having false information sent to HI about the location of the Japanese carrier fleet.

Pearl Harbor was not about war with Japan – It was about war with GERMANY.

War with Japan was a given because they had to attack the Philippines. If Japan’s fleet were destroyed, it would defeat the purpose. It would have been obvious suicide for Hitler to declare war if Japan were crippled – it would allow the US to attack him without even the possibility of a two-front war. That was what he had just been avoiding for months. The plan could only work if Japan’s attack succeeded. The lure of a weakened US in a two-front war focused on Japan seemed to make a German war declaration cost-free. But it was all a trap – Roosevelt was always going to ignore Japan and go after Hitler, for his ultimate goal was to save his beloved Soviet Communism.
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  1. Pearl Harbor Roosevelt Jesuits

  2. +Grace Bride
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the most Christian cities of Japan, and they weren't bombed from the air, but the nuclear devices were being ignited on the ground by the SATANIC JESUITS who were there.

    The pilots of the two bombers were fooled by a bomb they dropped that produced a huge flash, so they would think they actually dropped those nukes.

    The USA is the most satanic country on earth, and I'm talking about the system and not about the people.

    The USA created the 2nd world war on behalf of the Vatican and Satan!

    The USA financed both Hitler and Stalin, and these two monsters worked for the Vatican.

    Wake up from the 'American dream', because it's a NIGHTMARE!

  3. +Grace Bride
    You talk about Japanese beasts, and I know you mean the Japanese leadership
    , but the children, old people and forced laborers in those cities weren't animals, but humans.
    The nukes were completely unnecessary, because Japan was already close to collapse, but they were meant to ignite the so called 'cold war': a Jesuit-fabricated HOAX!
    Harry Truman was a CRIMINAL, serving the Vatican.
    You really need to know more about your country, and keep in mind that you're not an American, but a citizen of heaven.
    Mao Zedong was also a Jesuit schooled CRIMINAL.
    The UN was being founded on behalf of the Satanic Vatican.

  4. +Grace Bride
    My point is: the Vatican NWO uses the USA in order to CREATE conflicts and then it uses the same USA in order to 'solve' these conflicts, just like what's happening now in the Middle East with IS(IS).

    This problem was being created by the CIA on behalf of the American government, and now Obama is 'solving' this problem, so people will think he's a good guy after all.....and Satan is laughing....

    Please investigate:

  5. These aren't the words of JESUS Christ.

    "our American atomic bombs" = the Vatican NWO's atomic bombs = SATAN'S atomic bombs
    Hans S
    5:03 AM

    I agree with you that it's okay to destroy the Japanese IDOLS.

    But the only way to reach the hearts and minds of the Japanese people is through the LOVE of JESUS Christ.

    PS: A long time ago the Japanese came from mainland China.

    These people are the ORIGINAL Japanese:


    This is how the NAZI'S overpowered my country in 1940
    by MURDERING CIVILIANS from the air by bombing Rotterdam, and by threatening to do the same to other big Dutch cities.

    This is American FASCISM on behalf of SATAN and the Vatican!

    War turns people into SATANIC ANIMALS!

  7. And what did the Chinese do to THEMSELVES after the SATANIC, Jesuit schooled, Mao Zedong took power?

    They MURDERED tens of millions!

    WAKE UP: SATAN and his demons are the REAL enemy.

    They turn people into SATANIC DEMONOIDS.

  8. Of course the Japanese actions during the war in China, and during the 2nd world war were BEYOND BARBARIC.

    But, do realise that there are people on this earth who are praying for the destruction of the AMERICAN people!

    RE-READ the New Testament and the teachings of JESUS Christ about loving your enemies.

    Please watch this movie: May 3 2013 The Hiding Place full movie Corrie Ten Boom end times news update 3 29 13

    Betsie ten Boom (say Boam) is my HERO!

    She was prepared to die for her HERO, JESUS Christ!

  9. +Grace Bride
    Beheading and rape isn't typical Islamic or typical Japanese: it's typical SATANIC!

    Satan turns people into BLOODTHIRSTY, SADISTIC ANIMALS!

    Fight the REAL enemy: Satan and his legions of demons in JESUS' name!

  10. +Grace Bride
    According to the word of God ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people are BLOODTHIRSTY CRIMINALS and they need to be EXTERMINATED!


    The first SATANIST was a WOMAN!

    We are ALL her OFFSPRING!

    Only JESUS Christ is NORMAL.

    Anyone who is capable of hating a fellow human being is capable of committing MURDER!

  11. +Grace Bride
    Many Americans don't realise how ROMAN CATHOLIC they are.....even the 'Protestants'!

    They go to 'church' on the Roman Catholic SUN(worship)day, they celebrate the PAGAN, Babylonian ISHTAR ('Easter'), they celebrate the Roman Catholic SUN-WORSHIP-SEMIRAMIS-'Queen of heaven'-Babylonian 'Christmas' and so fort.

    They think that Ronald Reagan was a good president, but there has never been a more Roman Catholic president than he, and he was serving the Vatican, like ALL US-presidents did and do, like the current president 'Obama', and he's also a muslim, and islam was being created by the Vatican.

  12. +Grace Bride
    And I'm living in NAZI-Europe

  13. 'Grace Bride',
    I object against two pictures: the one of my site and the picture of the Australian actor who played the Lord Jesus in the film 'JESUS'
    , which is a BIBLICAL and EVANGELICAL film, meant to try to save many unsaved people, and all because you HATE the FACT that JESUS had and has LONG hair!!!!

    JESUS is NOT a 'Jehovah's witness' or some other religious NUT!!!

    By attacking this film you are WORSE than those JAPANESE RAPISTS and MURDERERS, because you are HAPPY when people go to hell, while JESUS came in order to SAVE and NOT to CONDEMN!

    With the SAME condemnation you CONDEMN others, you will be CONDEMNED by God-JESUS!


  14. +Grace Bride
    Calling me a 'Jesuit agent' only makes matters WORSE...for YOU!

    You're right about Walid Shoebat, btw.....

    Now grow a BEARD and a MOUSTACHE and act like a MAN, you MAN-HATER!

  15. +Grace Bride . .you need to take your medicine now...
    That's what the ATHEISTS also always say to me...


  16. +Grace Bride
    ...she said with a SATANIC BiG SMILE...


    JESUS Christ, the God of the Bible and of Israel is on my side and I'm on His side.

    You can NEVER destroy me!


  17. +Grace Bride Franklin D. Roosevelt: President from Hell
    Hans S
    7:29 PM

    +Grace Bride Dwight D. Eisenhower; Supreme Allied Commander of the Vatican
    Hans S
    7:30 PM


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