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Rome's Homosexual Agenda

Rome's Homosexual Agenda 

Published on Dec 29, 2013
--This is a "Truth Provided Audio" clip I did back in June of 2003. I later did a Truth Provided Newsletter on this same topic as well in February of 2004 because it was apparent Rome was doing all it could to remove the stain of child molestation from their record. When you study prophecy, and stand obedient in the Lord, you too will be able to see such things as clear as day. Sadly, all but a very small number of churches missed Rome's plans to make homosexuality appear normal years ago. Worse yet, their prophesied blindness was so dark they actually helped Rome bring homosexual marriage to America! And now we see them helping them bring it to the entire world.

 Sexual Predator Honored With U.S. Postage Stamp


BREAKING!!!!! Michelle Obama is really Baracks longtime transvestite lover!!!!!!


Barry Davis; 'Boy' of Pope Benedict XVI and his successor


  1. +Christopher Li-Reid

    You're lost without JESUS Christ!

    Hans S
    3:41 PM

    +Christopher Li-Reid
    But tell me: are you someone who likes to have an erect penis of someone else in his anus or mouth or hands?
    And/or are you someone who calls a sexual relationship between two men and two women a marriage?

  2. +Christopher Li-Reid
    About 1.7, 1.8 % of the world population is homosexual, and they try to impose their sexuality on the rest of humanity.

    It's okay if two men and two women love each other, but they are not created to have 'sex' with each other, which isn't real sex, but MASTURBATION, with the aid of someone else's body.

    Why should I lick a vagina at all, though it's not forbidden?

    Some women like it, some women don't.

    A lot of things are possible within marriage between a man an a woMAN.

    There are no laws against fellatio and cunnilingus in the Bible.

    There's also not a law against anal sex within marriage.

    FeMALES are just another type of MEN (and men are another type of feMALES), but with breasts, a vagina and a womb, a baby face, a higher voice, a softer and more curved outward body, because God created women as people who bear children and who provide the first major care of a child, and therefore women resemble babies themselves outwardly.

    Lesbians don't know what they miss, because NO dildo is as SOFT and as WARM and FLEXIBLE and hard like a REAL PENIS!

    This body part was especially created for sexuality.

    And 'gays' don't know what they miss, because a vagina is especially created in order to give MAXIMUM pleasure to the penis.

    Btw: you're talking to an ex-atheist from the Netherlands, which means that you can't fool me around.

    I'm NOT a 'Christian' but a FOLLOWER of JESUS, or a JESUS Christian.

    JESUS is God and He wants to save you.
    Satan is the counterfeit-'god' and he hates you and he wants you to remain LOST, just like himself, so that you'll go to hell/the lake of fire.

  3. +Christopher Li-Reid Dear Christopher, you're addressing the wrong people.
    It's not about 'Christians', but about God Himself, who happens to be JESUS.

    He created us all, and He wants us to be happy, and because He's the creator, He knows best what this happiness is.

    You use the word 'gay', which suggests that homosexuals are always cheerful people, but this isn't the case.

    But homosexuals used to be children like everybody else, who weren't interested in sexuality.

    To children, sexuality is absurd and even weird.

    God wants all people to LOVE and RESPECT each other, being all created in His image and likeness.

    But He created sexuality with a purpose and that's procreation, and to establish a pair bond between the man and the woman.

    Only a man and a woman can procreate, and this doesn't work with two men and two women.

    Homosexuals have sexual feelings too, but they don't feel attracted to the opposite sex.

    Now, how is this possible, because God didn't create it this way?

    Is it because they were born this way, or is there another cause?

    Whatever the reason: homosexuals need love too, and they may even want to please God, their creator.

    But then they find out that God doesn't like homosexuality, and many homosexuals start to hate Him, because they feel rejected by their own creator and His representatives, the believers in JESUS and the Jews.

    I'm not talking about Islam or other religions, because they are false religions: I'm talking about the God of the Bible, revealed to us through JESUS Christ.

    It's perfectly okay when two men love each other as brothers and two women love each other as sisters, but He doesn't want two men and two women to have sexual activity with each other, even though it's possible.

    It's also perfectly okay to love a goat, but it's not okay to rape it, and for a woman it's okay to love her dog, but He doesn't want a woman to have sex with it.

    God isn't stupid and He knew beforehand that His invention sex could be abused by people.

    And like a good manufacturer He provided a MANUAL: the Bible.

    In this book we can LEARN about what God says about sexuality.

    Now people are free to agree and disagree, and this goes for many things that are in the Bible.

    But God is also free to decide who He's going to save and who He's going to cast into His garbage can, the lake of fire.

  4. God doesn't hate homosexuals, because He knows them better than their own mothers, but He hates their homosexuality.

    He also love killers, but He doesn't like their urge to kill.

    He loves all women, but He doesn't like it when women sell their sexuality for money, and this goes for men too.

    The point is: there is another god and he's Satan.

    He loves to LIE and he can never tell the truth.

    He hates God-JESUS and the Bible, and believers in JESUS too, and the religious members of God's people, the Jews.

    He has no problem with Jewish and non-Jewish homosexuals, pedophiles, whore mongers, rapists, bisexuals, adulterers, fornicators, animal rapists etc.

    But he can't stand it when believers in JESUS point out that homosexuality is wrong.

    Satan is an ANGEL and angels weren't created to procreate, and all good angels accept this, but Satan in fact envies this special gift, because through this gift God (his enemy) is able to fill the earth with new human beings, while Satan wants to kill them all, though he's forbidden to do this in a direct way, so he's inspiring people to kill, or to do things which is destructive and evil.

    Homosexuals don't procreate, which isn't a sin in itself, but when they want children they'll need the 'product' of heterosexual sexuality.

    God always thinks in the interest of the weakest and most vulnerable people, which are children, and He created children with the need for a father and a mother, and not two fathers or two mothers.

    Homosexuality is a dead end street.

    Who says so?


    God will never send homosexuals to hell because of their sexuality, but because they refused to listen to Him.

    God also doesn't cast people into the lake of fire because of their lying, but because they weren't prepared to repent from this sin=transgression.

    Satan encourages people to sin.

    God wants people to obey and to be happy, because His commandments are GOOD.

    Now I encourage you to fight it out with your creator, who happens to be JESUS.

    He loves you...but He also wants you to love Him, and this means that you want to do what pleases Him.

  5. +Amy Jones
    Of course Satan is God's enemy and he's the god of this world: 2 Corinthians 4:4 King James Bible

    In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

    God created this angel as a SERVANT and He made Him and all the angels, out of His LOVE and GREAT WISDOM.

    Satan means 'adversary' and devil means 'confuser'.
    That's what God=JESUS called him after Satan's rebellion against Him, and this happened in Paradise: A sickly jealous morning star

    I don't hate Satan: he's like a brother to me....a very NASTY brother!


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