Monday, December 23, 2013

The chilling Truth - OBAMA'S PLAN FOR AMERICA - In his own words

The Chilling Truth & Obama’s Plan For America. In His Own Words


Published on Dec 21, 2013

This video gives the entire plan of Obama in america. In the actual words of Obama's administration and Obama himself. 

If a person in authority with great power tells you they are going to enslave you, you need to listen. Then you need to do what ever you can BEFORE they succeed in their plan to stop them. If america stands by now and does nothing, it will not be just the fulfillment of bible prophecy, but a definitive explanation of WHY prophets saw this coming. They saw that we humans in the last days were just too lazy and too selfish to help ourselves. I am sure if we do nothing and our children are put through this great tribulation that is coming. Then, when we have to experience the pain of seeing our children taken from us, while we are taken off to a Fema camp, then, we will cry out to God. I am sure that then, you will begin to cry out and beg God to come and save us. Then Jesus will arrive and ask us why, why did we allow our government to conspire with their greed and wicked designs, why did we just close our eyes and take their drugs to make it even easier to not have to be responsible for anything. When they asked us to volunteer to work in social services and take the children from the parents, why did we say yes, that is a good thing, I will do it. When they asked us to join the growing police force to ransack peoples homes and harass them, why did you say SURE, at least it is a job! When they asked us to take the mark of the beast and bow to their idols, why did you say OK, at least we will eat. Then I wonder what will happen to us, sure, it was all prophesied, but, no, we are not supposed to participate and advocate this evil world. We are supposed to work for freedom and speak out, and even to disobey evil laws. Instead, we are choosing to accept it and even in many cases we join it. Friends, now is the time to speak out and not later. NOW we must get a petition going and all sign it. Please do not say, oh, don't bother, it won't help. I know one thing. DOING NOTHING will not help either. And allowing evil to stand is evil in it's self. If we demand justice we will get it. The problem is we are not demanding anything but free food and to be entertained by their demonic singers and drug pushers. Please someone, someone out there who has the means. Let us start a petition to stop these secret societies and corporate interests.

Total Surveillance : Big Brother is watching you through your Smart TV (Dec 20, 2013) 




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