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The Holocaust - Roman Catholicism's Nazi History Exposed


The Holocaust - Roman Catholicism's Nazi History Exposed 

Published on Aug 31, 2013
The church (Cathedral of our Lady of Amiens) was rebuilt after a fire in 1218AD by Roman Catholic Bishop Evrard de Fouilloy. (Robert called of Luzarches) Re-building of this church was of course LONG before Hitler was born! Seeing how the swastika was found first on Roman Catholic churches, is it not plausible that Hitler was instructed by the Church of Rome to use such a symbol? I find it hard to believe that Hitler chose this as his symbol merely because he saw it etched in an Etruscan fibula (a crescent shaped pin) inside the Vatican itself one day. A man such as Hitler does not base his "flag" on a mere bobble. The etching of the swastika on that ornament speaks much bolder then the jewelry it graces! It was Rome's symbol first! It is Rome's symbol today!

As this Newsletter was being researched I found something rather peculiar that you may find interesting. We already know Rome controls this nation. However, where you also aware that the U.S. Military has decided to grace us with the Roman Catholic swastika in a most grandiose format? Like the aerial pictures of the White House, Pentagon, and U.S. Capital showing their satanic symbolism. Symbolism that can ONLY be seen from above by the way. We now see the following images using Google Earth. Just across the bay from San Diego lies the United States Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, California. Do you see anything strange about the shape of that military building? They only do these "overhead" symbols for Satan. Fact is, unless you happen to be flying way overhead and actually looking down at that very moment, no man on earth would ever realize the building is built this way. Another fact is, this is restricted air space. So no man is going to see this! PLUS, even if a commercial flight did fly overhead, they would be too high up for anyone to catch this. When I copied this picture using the "Google Earth" software I had to zoom in to just under 1200 feet to get a clear enough picture. When I zoomed to 30,000 feet where most airplanes fly it was impossible to find.
How many Jews were murdered in each country and what percentage of the pre-war Jewish population did they constitute?
Answer: (Source: Encyclopedia of the Holocaust)
Austria 50,000 -- 27.0%
Italy 7,680 -- 17.3%
Belgium 28,900 -- 44.0%
Latvia 71,500 -- 78.1%
Bohemia/Moravia 78,150 -- 66.1%
Lithuania 143,000 -- 85.1%
Bulgaria 0 -- 0.0%
Luxembourg 1,950 -- 55.7%
Denmark 60 -- 0.7%
Netherlands 100,000 -- 71.4%
Estonia 2,000 -- 44.4%
Norway 762 -- 44.8%
Finland 7 -- 0.3%
Poland 3,000,000 -- 90.9%
France 77,320 -- 22.1%
Romania 287,000 -- 47.1%
Germany 141,500 -- 25.0%
Slovakia 71,000 -- 79.8%
Greece 67,000 -- 86.6%
Soviet Union 1,100,000 -- 36.4%
Hungary 569,000 -- 69.0%
Yugoslavia 63,300 -- 81.2%
Lightministries is now in apostasy, we do not condone them in anything, and are no longer following Christ's will.

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Relax people, we only want to KILL you




  1. The Satanic Power Tree

  2. Israel urges the Vatican controlled UN to mark Jewish holiday Yom Kippur.
    The same Vatican that was behind the Holocaust...

  3. There were no cops in Paradise.
    There was God, aka JESUS, and a very jealous person called Lucifer, who was waiting for an opportunity to deceive Eve, and through Eve, Adam, and God, aka JESUS didn't interfere.

    God could have stopped Satan, but He wanted to know what Eve and Adam would do.
    Would they obey or would they rebel against Him?
    People do like the police, when they're really doing someting good, like helping people, but most of the people just hate the police, because they are humans just like everybody else, who are being backed up by a whole STATE and government.
    One cannot start a disctatorship without the police!
    During the occupation of my country, the Netherlands, by the Vatican controlled NAZIS, ALL the Dutch cops cooperated in rounding up of the Jews.
    They were more concerned about keeping their jobs and income.
    Result: 104.000 were being MURDERED, and many of them were being BURNED ALIVE in the nazi ovens as a burnt offering for SATAN!

    Know more: http://one-evil.org/content/acts_vatican_holocaust.html


    , controlling MY country!
    The WHOLE world will be like this in the near future, because the SATANIC POPE of ROME and SATAN OBAMA want to MURDER all believers in JESUS and ALL the JEWS!
    Hans S
    1 second ago

    1:04:28 The VATICAN was behind the Holocaust and the persecution and killing of REAL followers of JESUS!
    The Holocaust - Roman Catholicism's Nazi History Exposed http://ezekiel38rapture.blogspot.nl/2013/12/the-holocaust-roman-catholicisms-nazi.html


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