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666 Mark of the Beast - Fema: United Nations Death By Guillotine SUNday Law

666 Mark of the Beast - Fema: United Nations Death By Guillotine SUNday Law

Published on Jan 12, 2014
Code ICD 9 E 978 Makes Execution by Guillotine Legal Under Obamacare
The specific code sent to me will make any American's hair stand up on the back of their neck. The code is ICD 9 E 978. After reading this code I decided that it was my duty to investigate further and get to the bottom of why we have a medical code in the United States for "Legal Execution." The Jesuits are behind most conspiracies and this one is no different. Black Pope Execution by Guillotine is painless. Mark of the beast 666. United Nations Drones Pope Francis I

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  1. +NaomiLookingUp +Kenny Jacobs The mark of the beast is Sunday Law

    It will be enforced through a RFID-chip.

    People will become articles/items/products themselves...all to the 'glory' of the INSANE devil and HIS Roman Catholic church of Satan.

    The MARK of the BEAST is SUN (worship) day!
    This is Satan's way to annoy God-the Lord JESUS, because the day of His REST is Sabbath.
    Hans S
    4:06 PM

    +NaomiLookingUp +Kenny Jacobs
    Mark of the Beast and the Sabbath
    On the previous page we found that the mark of the beast is Satan's counterfeit law that goes against the law of God. We also saw that the Roman Catholic Church (the Antichrist system) boasted about changing the Sabbath Day of God from the seventh day to the first. Could this be the mark of the beast? Well the Papal church did say it was her "mark" of authority to change God's Law.
    "Of course the change (from Sabbath to Sunday) was her act ..... and the act is a MARK of her ecclesiastical power and authority in religious matters." (signed by H.F.Thomas, Chancellor for Cardinal Gibbons, in a letter dated Nov. 11, 1895)
    "Sunday is our MARK of authority ... the church is above the Bible, and this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact." (Catholic record of London, Ontario, Sept. 1, 1923)
    Hans S
    4:07 PM

    +Kenny Jacobs +Kenny Jacobs 666 Mark of the Beast - Fema: United Nations Death By Guillotine SUNday Law

  2. +Kenny Jacobs
    +NaomiLookingUp Many Protestants think it's NONSENSE about the Mark of the Beast being Sunday Law, because of this:
    The Fallacy of the Mark of the Beast being Sunday worship

    But I'm absolutely NOT a 7th day Adventist, but I AM a follower of the JEW, JESUS Christ, who is ONE with God, and God's day of rest is the 7th day!

    I know that the CATHOLIC JFK already tried to impose this Sunday Law during his presidency, but he was being stopped by Jews who went to court.

    Satan hates the Jews, because of JESUS the Jew=God!


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