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Kerry Livgren testimony

Kerry Livgren testimony

Uploaded on Nov 1, 2009
Kerry Livgren( music group Kansas) testimony and promotion of film The Imposter starring Kevin Max(DC Talk) and Jeff Deyo.

Glenn Kaiser & Martin Moro, what a friend we have in Jesus

Obama, Pope Frances Gift Exchange Confirms The Seed of Cain, Anti-Christ & Building of 3rd Temple

Obama, Pope Frances Gift Exchange Confirms The Seed of Cain, Anti-Christ & Building of 3rd Temple

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! The Biblical Meaning, the end-times Bible Prophecy behind Obama and the Pope Gift Exchange!
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+Evangelist Anita Fuentes 'just not a pre-tribulation one'
Anita, there is no other rapture than the pre-tribulation one!
Do you really believe that God will allow the two beasts to reveal themselves as being the false Prophet and the Antichrist BEFORE the Holy Ghost-filled Body of Christ JESUS has been taken away?


Friday, March 28, 2014

Satan's Rule on Earth is Here
Satan's Rule on Earth is Here 
New US flag: go to 20:41 in the video

Published on Mar 27, 2014
In the 2013 film "Man of Steel" there is a bizarre yet very clear connection to the missing Malaysian Flight 370 and the South Indian Ocean. The Trident imagery is appearing everywhere now, even in Washington D.C. as well as the Superman movie...
It is almost like Satan is boasting about his temporary rule and at the same time announcing his agenda to set up his demonic kingdom here on Earth, but it will be in vain, since Jesus Christ has ultimate power and dominion over ALL things.

Accept Christ now before the choice will cost you your head.

Bath House OBAMA!

Wake up America! (and the rest of the world)

Obama Meets Pope Francis For First Time - The Marxist Connection

Obama Meets Pope Francis For First Time - The Marxist Connection

Published on Mar 27, 2014 President Barack Obama is holding an historic first meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

President Obama Keynote EU Speech in Brussels (FULL Statement)

Controlled opposition (gestuurde oppositie)...oordeel zelf

Interview met Micha Kat over situatie Martin Vrijland

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ismail Haniyeh Calls for Israel's Destruction

Hamaspremier Haniyeh: ‘Vernietig Israël! Aanvallen! Bevrijdt Jeruzalem! Bombardeer Tel Aviv’ + video

Ismail Haniyeh Calls for Israel’s Destruction
Gaza, 24 maart 2014. Nog steeds hoor ik naïeve zelfbenoemde pro-Palestijnse nitwits verklaren dat de Palestijnse terreurorganisatie Hamas, die sinds de zomer van 2007 de Gazastrook in een ijzeren  islamistische tang houdt, mee aan de onderhandelingstafel zou willen/moeten aanschuiven “omdat zij ook vrede zouden willen met Israël.” Bullshit. Hoe dom kan je wel zijn…

Doug Batchelor Analyzes Pope's Recent Threat of 'Unity or Else"

911 JESUIT S.M.O.M JOB & Cardinal Edward Egan - The HOAX on terror and T...



9/11 JESUIT S.M.O.M JOB & Cardinal Edward Egan


Another Jesus ? - by Roger Oakland

Monday, March 24, 2014



Published on Mar 16, 2014
Rise of Islam and Vilification of Christianity, Blasphemy Laws, Two State Solution/Antichrist treaty, Ancient Roman Empire, the Roman Senate and the Revived Roman Empire through the United Nations , the False Prophet Pope , the World Political Authority, Antichrist, and more! This Broadcast is: "Eye of The Storm" Radio Broadcast April 09 2013 -- "Revived Roman Empire"

Great Anointing-by Juochi Okuwa

The Two Kingdoms - Ukrainian Conflict 2014

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The Third Eye... Putting you to SLEEP! (Vatican Secrets EXPOSED)

The Third Eye... Putting you to SLEEP! (Vatican Secrets EXPOSED)

Published on Nov 25, 2013
A MUST WATCH! Dealing with the tricky subject of the Pineal Gland. Hope it brings all the answers you have been searching for... and then some.

"For there is NOTHING HIDDEN that will not be REVEALED. And there is nothing kept SECRET that will not come to LIGHT and BE MADE KNOWN TO ALL."

"For I have given you as a covenant to the people, a LIGHT to the nations, TO OPEN THE EYES OF THE BLIND. To bring out from the prison those who sit in DARKNESS."

13 Similarities Between Obama And Hitler

The similarities are terrifying, the conclusion inevitable. On March 23, 1933, the German
Parliment met to consider passing a bill that Adolf Hitler had created called the Enabling Act. It was officially called the 'Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich.' Why were the
German people in such distress? Because their government was in utter chaos, and the German
leaders wanted to reassure the people that everything would be ok. 


SHEMA YISRAEL by Micha'el Ben David

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Babylon is rising

Babylon is rising

Queen Elizabeth II - The Largest Landowner on Earth

Regarding the queens speech to the United Nations, we were told by the British Mission to the United Nations that the queen,
"Will be taking a global perspective. She will touch on progress made since she was last here and challenges that remain."

Friday, March 21, 2014

King James VS Other Bible Versions- Dr. Kent Hovind
Published on Mar 7, 2013

Dr. Kent Hovind compares the King James Version Bible to the modern versions.

Find out what really happened to Dr. Kent Hovind and stop listening to the lies of others about him:

The Truth About Dr. Kent Hovind - Pt1

The Truth About Dr. Kent Hovind - Pt2

Bill & Gloria Gaither - He's Alive [Live] ft. Don Francisco

Bill & Gloria Gaither - He's Alive [Live] ft. Don Francisco

Opstelten: Wilders moet inbinden

Ivo Opstelten

Minister Opstelten vindt dat PVV-leider Wilders zijn uitspraken over Marokkanen moet terugnemen, "en wel helemaal". Hij vindt de uitlatingen walgelijk. Volgens Opstelten passen ze niet in Nederland. Hij is het eens met premier Rutte dat de VVD niet met de PVV moet samenwerken zolang die partij bij zijn standpunt over Marokkanen blijft.

The Anti Christ Identified

The Anti Christ Identified.The Testimony of an Ex Jesuit Priest

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Volk, steh auf, und Sturm, brich los!

Joseph at the Sportpalast


 Joseph Goebbels




Een meerderheid van de Nederlanders...


De meeste Nederlanders en medelanders en illegalen en ander gespuis VERDIENEN gewoon de ANTICHRIST!


Pre Tribulation Rapture Explained in Detail

Mohammed de Arabische KINDERVERKRACHTER van het VATICAAN

De lieveling van KINDERVERKRACHTEND en 'vooruitstrevend' (met een flinke erectie, uiteraard) Nederland en de wereld
Van Mohammed blijf je gewoon af, want deze 'lieve man' van destijds zo'n 54 jaar deed gewoon wat de Roomse Satanskerk hem al eeuwen had voorgedaan, en wat deze 'kerk' nog steeds doet.
ALLAH'K PAK HAAR (of hem)!
En hoe jonger hoe beter!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Truth about Arab Spring - ISLAMIC WARS ( part 1 & 2 )

The Truth about Arab Spring - ISLAMIC WARS ( part 1 )

Published on Mar 17, 2014
The Arab Spring was seen as an Islamic Revolution for reform in autocratic states, but as reliable intelligence sources have revealed, it was carefully manufactured by the West to destabilise the region, where one autocrat is replaced by another (e.g. Egypt) and the majority of Muslim heads of state are Western allies, who imprison, torture and murder there own people (e.g. Bahrain). The Islamic people are being used as pawns so that Western governments can pass more laws to reduce cherished freedoms.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The NWO - The Black Papacy

Who is Zbigniew Brzezinski?

Obama’s Former Foreign Policy Adviser Said – In 1997 – that the U.S. Had to Gain Control of Ukraine

Obama - Columbia University - Zbigniew Brzezinski: Romish-Masonic Tools for Papal War Against Russia? 


"..Knowing Brzezinski’s volatile hatred of Russia, this scares the life out of me. As Obama’s foreign policy mentor for – how long? Back in his Columbia days? Now, for sure.."


Naar de HEL met de paapse EU! - To HELL with the papal EU!

2014 Vatican - 666 MARK OF THE BEAST

2014 Vatican - 666 MARK OF THE BEAST

Published on Mar 16, 2014 2014 Vatican Obama VIsits Pope Francis I observance shall be enforced by law, and the world shall be enlightened concerning the obligation of the true Sabbath, then whoever shall transgress the command of God to obey a precept which has no higher authority than that of Rome, will thereby honor popery above God. He is paying homage to Rome, and to the power which enforces the institution ordained by Rome. He is worshiping the beast and his image. {LDE 226.1}

Saturday, March 15, 2014

An interesting discussion on Twitter about the Rapture

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7 uur
"Be careful what you say. Be careful what you write. Obama has just given himself the authority to seize your assets."

The Pre Tribulation Rapture is the only truth

The Pre Tribulation Rapture is the only truth, Re-Posted

Published on Mar 7, 2014
I want to thank our brother CH McDonald for this message. He has been working very hard getting the truth out about the Pre Tribulation Rapture. Post tribbers (Posters) are ignorant and conceited in their thoughts according to the Apostle Paul Rom11:25. If you are sealed with the Holy spirit, its not about what you say. Don't be fooled by posters, Repent! be baptized, and receive the Holy spirit.. Pick up your cross daily and Follow Christ.. Trust in the Lord and study the word to show thyself worthy.. Posters, please quit steeling a promise that does not belong to you. Titus 2:13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ. KNOW JESUS KNOW TRUTH! AMEN!




Paus Franciscus is zeker niet te vertrouwen, want hij is helemaal geen Rooms Katholiek (wat op zich al ernstig is), maar de baas van de Jezuïeten, de zogenaamde ‘zwarte paus in het wit’ en hij is een aanhanger van LUCIFER, ook wel bekend als de duivel en SATAN!

Eindtijdberichten 41 End Time Messages

Eindtijdberichten i.v.m. de
wederkomst van
Jezus Christus naar Israël

 Druk op de End-toets om snel naar beneden te gaan op deze pagina
en klik daarna onder het reactievenster op Meer laden... mocht het topic zijn volgelopen met bijdragen

Plaats onder dit log eindtijdberichten om elkaar te informeren over profetische ontwikkelingen m.b.t. Israël en wat daar direct en indirect mee te maken heeft.  Geen geklets dus, maar info waar iedere eindtijdgeïnteresseerde, die uitziet naar de wederkomst van Jezus Christus naar Israël en deze wereld, wat aan heeft.
Ga naar

Eindtijdberichten opinie 

voor reacties op eindtijdberichten  


 Vanwege de RAMPZALIGE browser van Microsoft, Internet Explorer, of Internet EXPLODER, kan ik op mijn site onder elk topic maar 200 reacties (laten) plaatsen want dan heeft Blogger het zo gemaakt dat de vervolgreacties verder gaan op een subpagina die in Internet Explorer bereikbaar ZOUDEN MOETEN zijn indien dat ding werkte zoals het hoort, maar dat doet die browser niet, want als je onder de laatste reactie klikt op "Meer laden..." dan verschijnt de tekst "Wordt geladen...", maar dan gebeurt er NIETS!

GEEN ENKELE ANDERE BROWSER heeft problemen met mijn site dan ALLEEN Internet Explorer, en ik heb mijn tests gedaan met de allerlaatste browser van Microsoft!

HELAAS gebruiken de meeste mensen (uit gemakzucht of uit onwetendheid) die KROMME browser van Microsoft, en ik geef toe dat de letteropmaak van die browser mooier is dan die van (bijvoorbeeld) Firefox of Google Chrome, maar internet gaat over informatieoverdracht en als dat niet mogelijk is met een kromme browser die wel mooie letters weergeeft dan is het WAARDELOOS.

Maar ter wille van al diegenen die toch liever een KROMME en SLECHTE browser gebruiken als Internet Explorer dan al die andere browsers die BETER zijn, maak ik speciaal voor hun een nieuwe "Eindtijdberichten"-topic aan opdat de belangstellenden van mijn site Eindtijdberichten kunnen blijven volgen.


Eindtijdberichten 40

The True History and Purpose of NASA: Chemtrails-> Project Blue Beam

The True History and Purpose of NASA

Uploaded on Nov 24, 2011
If this video is not viewable, please go to my mirror Dailymotion channel to see it in full [gmoore50]

Did You Know that NASA has an esoteric agenda to help bring about a one world government, a New World Order?

JFK Moonlanding by end of decade speech, Rice University,


Launch of Apollo 11, July 16, 1969.

Part 1: Project Paperclip and the NAZI Infiltration of NASA

Interview with Bruce Gagnon.