Sunday, March 30, 2014

Obama, Pope Frances Gift Exchange Confirms The Seed of Cain, Anti-Christ & Building of 3rd Temple

Obama, Pope Frances Gift Exchange Confirms The Seed of Cain, Anti-Christ & Building of 3rd Temple

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! The Biblical Meaning, the end-times Bible Prophecy behind Obama and the Pope Gift Exchange!
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+Evangelist Anita Fuentes 'just not a pre-tribulation one'
Anita, there is no other rapture than the pre-tribulation one!
Do you really believe that God will allow the two beasts to reveal themselves as being the false Prophet and the Antichrist BEFORE the Holy Ghost-filled Body of Christ JESUS has been taken away?


Satan has already been DEFEATED by the BLOOD of the Lamb of God, our Lord and Savior JESUS Christ, but the problem is that MOST people on earth don't know this or they don't want to know, because of their love for this world.

The real worshippers of JESUS Christ are aware of this and they have received the POWER from God to withstand the devil in the name of JESUS Christ.

Satan knows this ALL TOO WELL!

He knows that ONLY after the rapture, he will be able to use his two PAWNS to fulfil his EVIL schemes, and God-JESUS will allow this to happen, because it's part of His prophetic plan concerning (the remnant of ) Israel and the world.

Please reconsider and study this GREAT article by our deceased brother Jack Kinsella:

But I'm glad you love JESUS and please inlcude a short sinner's prayer on every broadcast, or make one special sinner's prayer video and refer to it on every broadcast.

For people who want to have a personal approach, you give them (as always) your email-adress, so you can pray with them.

I give this suggestion because the time is short and a lot of people are watching your videos, so USE these opportunities to save people in the BEST possible way.

I bless you and yours in JESUS' name,

Hans, from the Netherlands

JESUS is coming!


  1. You call yourself an evangelist: fine; then let your videos be FULL of the love, the truth and righteousness of our Lord JESUS Christ, and just USE the end time news as a means to mainly tell people of JESUS, and INCLUDE a sinner's prayer in every video.
    Don't bind people to yourself, but to JESUS!
    He's is STRONG and we are weak!
    We are not appointed to the WRATH of God, which is God's TERRIBLE righteous ANGER against those who DELIBERATELY REJECT Him, and He is going to take His Body of Christ home, BEFORE the tribulation=the wrath of God, whether you like it or not.
    JESUS be with us!

  2. Ruckus, Anita does NOT belief in the pre-tribulation rapture, which is Biblical, no matter what others say, and so she's all mixed up about the other prophecies, and she's not doing her job as an evangelist, but she's trying to preach too, which is NOT a woman's job.
    A female evangelist is ONLY supposed to be trying to reach out to UNBELIEVERS and not trying to preach to believers, because God has said (through the Apostle Paul) that (certain) MALE believers have the task and the responsibility to preach to ALL believers, male and female.
    She may preach to SISTERS in Christ JESUS, or children, but not to adult male followers of JESUS Christ.
    Many female believers use the internet in order to REBEL against this commandment and MANY of them are deceivers, while they also wear make up and are trying to look sexy, which is SATANIC, because God made men susceptible for certain female body language, unless they are blind or a-sexual or 100% like JESUS.
    Of course Anita and other sisters in Christ JESUS are allowed to pass information, but the question is HOW they present their message.


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