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The True History and Purpose of NASA: Chemtrails-> Project Blue Beam

The True History and Purpose of NASA

Uploaded on Nov 24, 2011
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Did You Know that NASA has an esoteric agenda to help bring about a one world government, a New World Order?

JFK Moonlanding by end of decade speech, Rice University,


Launch of Apollo 11, July 16, 1969.

Part 1: Project Paperclip and the NAZI Infiltration of NASA

Interview with Bruce Gagnon.


Part 2: NASA Moon Landing Hoax

The Apollo 16 Stagehand Video Hoax

My video "The Apollo 16 Stagehand Video Hoax" can be found here:

Brief excerpt from video showing wires were used on the Apollo astronauts, controlled by wire men in a studio.

Moon Landing Hoax - Wires Footage

Proof is shown of the moon landing video being faked in a studio, using rear screen projection.

Apollo 17: the moving magic mound

Part 3: Why would NASA need to fake the moon landings?

William (Bill) Cooper will explain this, in excerpts from his 3 part presentation called "MAJESTYTWELVE"




STS-121 Space Shuttle Discovery Launch

"To make interstellar travel believable NASA was created....."

Part 4: The Esoteric Occult Purpose for the Space Shuttle Program

Just take a look briefly at the names of the space shuttles, and you will see their hidden agenda: 1) Enterprise, 2) Columbia, 3) Endeavor, 4) Discovery, 5) Atlantis, and 6) Challenger.

Part 5: The Great Alien Deception

Ronald Reagan Alien Threat Speech at the United Nations

Part 6: The Fake Plane UFO Phenomenon

Fake plain videos from:

May 13, 2010 ~ Maple Ridge BC, Canada
Fake plane UFO chemtrail stunt over small town BC?

November 8, 2010 ~ West Coast of Southern California,

United States
Raw Video: Mystery Missile Appears over Southern

California. Helicopter CAM "no audio"

November 8, 2010 ~ Coast of South-California, United

UFO & Missile Launch Off California

October 3, 2010 ~ Wittlich, Germany
ufo ovni - ufo at fake plane

December 9, 2009
Norway Spiral Light 12/09/2009

FakePlane (Rod Hilderman)
April 17, 2008 ~ Lloydminster Alberta, Canada
Solve 9/11 Solve The Chemtrail Phenomena

Part 7: Project Bluebeam: Holograms, HAARP, Chemtrails, and GWEN Towers.

We have the technology now to project holograms in the sky.

Blue Beam Holographic Testing in Sierra Vista, AZ FT

Huachuca 1/2


Chris Morris and Janet Morris interview

Chemtrails contain Barium and Aluminum, necessary ingredients to produce realistic holograms in the sky, when activated by HAARP.

2012 NWO Agenda, Part 14

Project Blue Beam Documentary part 1

Project Blue Beam Documentary part 2


Sound affects video, torture from CIA

Strange sound in Kiev again Aug.11.11.

GWEN Towers will be used to broadcast Silent Sound Spread Spectrum

Silent Sound Spread Spectrum Mind Control Explained

SSSS Technology and Microwaves 2 of 2

Digital TV, HAARP, GWEN, Silent Sound & Mind Control

Technologies Part 1

Clips from Beneath the Planet of the Apes, which was filmed the same year as the Apollo 11 mission (1969). It was the first major motion picture to feature realistic depictions of holographic, sound and telepathic deceptions for use in warfare, another example of "Predictive Programming" in Hollywood.

More information on my website located at:

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"


Strong Delusion, Project Blue Beam And The Rapture




The Rapture, The Strong Delusion,. New World Order. Please Share This!







How to get ETERNALLY SAVED from burning forever in the lake of FIRE  




  1. This is the right explanation:

  2. +Mitch Wild NASA was founded by GERMAN NAZI's on behalf of the SATANIC Vatican: The True History and Purpose of NASA

    There were NO men on the moon!
    Calling people idiots who KNOW there were NO men on the moon, doesn't make it true.

  3. +JUNGLE SURFER The True History and Purpose of NASA
    Thanks for the vid and cheers!

  4. The reason behind the chem-trails: The True History and Purpose of NASA

  5. +Anthony Pope
    The above picture in the video was just made on earth!

    The True History and Purpose of NASA

  6. +ShantiUniverse They can make us believe anything with their Hollywood special effects.
    Fake The What? (FTW)
    NASA=NAZI-Space Agancy
    NASA was being founded with the aid of German NAZIS!
    Hans S
    2 seconds ago

    Ezekiel38Rapture: The True History and Purpose of NASA

  7. +ShantiUniverse
    So your real name is Cynthia.
    What's your mission, Cyndy?

    Are you also longing for a better world of LOVE and PEACE and HARMONY and RIGHEOUSNESS under the rule of JESUS?

    You love 'Lady you know how LOST she is?

    See her perform in my country when she wasn't yet a big 'star':

  8. +d3 br33c3

    I'm glad you're informed about the origins of NASA.
    JESUS be with us, Sister.

  9. +Jim Beckwith
    There are delusions coming for the Jews (the elect, or chosen, and particularly the remnant thereof, which will be one third) and for the non-Jewish future elect: the POST-rapture saints.

    I think they will be misled through so called UFOS and a fake rapture and other (occult) phenomena, but if they know the scriptures and if they stay close to JESUS, they won't be deceived.
    Most of them will be persecuted, if not all of them, and many of them will be killed through beheading, but they will be resurrected from death when JESUS returns.
    The rebuilding of the HOUSE of God (the 'temple') is on one hand a deception through the Vatican NWO, but on the other hand exactly what God wants.
    Satan thinks he's smart, but he's a complete IDIOT!
    God is the 'hand' and Satan is His shadow, but the hand determines where the shadow is going and not vice versa.
    God, aka JESUS, is in ABSOLUTE control!
    There's really NOTHING which happens without His foreknowledge.

    It works like a VERY complicated computer program.

    PS: my name is Hans, with an S and this name derives from Johannes (say: Yohannes) and this derives from the Hebrew Yochanan, meaning 'I am' is merciful.
    I AM is God is JESUS.

  10. +Annie Oakley The True History and Purpose of NASA

  11. +Andrew Brown GOOD QUESTION: The True History and Purpose of NASA

  12. +Protoss 01 The True History and Purpose of NASA
    Too lazy to click on a link?


    +Malachi The Zealous "btw, the Vatican owns NASA.."
    +A Daughter of The Highest King
    +Joyce the Jesus Freak
    +Wagner Paiva - Born again in Jesus

    Ezekiel38Rapture: The True History and Purpose of NASA

    JESUS is with us!

  14. +Wagner Paiva - Born again in Jesus
    I'm doing fine, thanks!

    Our Lord JESUS is with us!

    PS: you loved to listen to Van Halen in the past....well, this is MUCH better: and it's about JESUS!

  15. NASA - science fiction space magic -

    Published on May 12, 2014

    I believe the pope of Rome is Antichrist (Daniel 7:7-27,2Thessalonians 2:1-12,2Peter 2:1-22,1John 2:18-25, Revelation 13:1-9) and Rome 'Mystery Babylon the Great the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth' (Revelation 17:1-18).I urge every true Christian to come out of her.(Revelation 18:1-8) KJV Bible

    During the Reformation this is what most Preachers taught regarding Antichrist
    1522 Martin Luther,1536 Jean Calvin,1543 Phillip Melanchthon,1545 Andreas Osiander,1554 Nicolaus von Amsdorf,1558 Johann Funck,1560 Virgil Solis,1570 Georg Nigrinus,1572 David Chytraeus,1530 Johann Oecolampadius,1557 Heinrich Bullinger,1550 William Tyndale,1545 George Joye,1554 Nicholas Ridley,1553 Hugh Latimer,1582 Thomas Cranmer,1550 John Bale,1562 John Jewel,1587 John Foxe,1547 John Knox,1593 John Napier,1614 Thomas Brightman,1618 David Pareus :
    -Antichrist,Man of Sin - Pope of Rome
    -Book of Revelation Chapter 17 Harlot,Babylon - Roman Catholic Church
    -Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Little Horn -- Papacy

    After the Reformation this is what most Preachers taught regarding Antichrist
    1798 Richard Valpy,1798 Joseph Galloway,1798 Edward King,1797 David Simpson,1796 Christian Thube,1795 George Bell,1794 Joseph Priestly,1793 James Bicheno,1768 Johann Ph. Petri,1764 John Wesley,1758 John Gill,1754 Thomas Newton,1745 John Willison,1740 Johann Al. Bengel,1735 Thomas Pyle,1729 Th. Crinsox de Bionens,1727 Sir Isaac Newton,1720 Charles Daubux,1712 Heinrich Horch,1706 William Whiston,1703 Daniel Whitby,1701 Robert Fleming, Jr.,1701 Johannes Cocceius,1700 William Lowth
    -Antichrist,Man of Sin - Pope of Rome
    -Book of Revelation Chapter 17 Harlot,Babylon - Roman Catholic Church
    -Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Little Horn - Papacy
    -Book of Revelation Chapter 13 Beast from the sea - Rome,Empire

    Before the Reformation, this is what most Preachers taught regarding Antichrist
    c. 1310 Dante Alighieri,c. 1331 Michael of Cesena,c. 1350 Francesco Petrarch,
    c. 1367 John Milicz,c. 1379 John Wycliffe,c. 1390 John Purvey,c. 1412 John Huss,
    c. 1497 Girolamo Savonarola
    Book of Revelation 17 Harlot - Roman Church
    Antichrist - Pope of Rome
    Man of Sin , Abomination of Desolation -- Papacy

  16. After the Reformation,this is what most Preachers taught regarding Antichrist
    1689 Drue Cressener,1687 Pierre Jurieu,1685 Jacques Philippot,1684 Thomas Beverley,1681 Johann Alsted,1670 William Sherwin,1664 Henry More,1655 John Tillinghast,1654 Thomas Goodwin,1643 Johannes Gerhard,1631 Joseph Mede,1618 Daniel Cramer,1618 Matthias Hoe,1612 Andreas Helwig,1603 George Downame,1600 James I of England
    -Antichrist,Man of Sin - Pope of Rome
    -Book of Revelation Chapter 17 Harlot,Babylon - Roman Catholic Church
    -Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Little Horn - Papacy
    -Book of Revelation Chapter 13 Beast from the sea -- Rome

    Biblical Expositors of the Post-Reformation Era-America:
    1639 John Cotton,1644 Roger Williams,1644 Ephraim Huit,1646 Thomas Parker,1653 John Davenport,1658 Edward Holyoke,1669 Increase Mather,1698 Nicholas Noyes,1702 Cotton Mather,1724 William Burnet,1739 Jonathan Edwards,1757? Ezekiel Cheever,1757 Aaron Burr, Sr.,1767 Isaac Backus,1774 Samuel Langdon,1788 Benjamin Gale,1793 Samuel Hopkins,1794 Samuel Osgood,1794 William Linn
    -Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Little Horn - Papacy
    -Book of Revelation Chapter 13 Beast from the sea - Rome
    -Antichrist,Man of Sin - Pope of Rome

    Biblical Expositors of the Early Medieval Period
    d. 430 Augustine of Hippo,6th century Andreas of Caesarea,d.735 Bede,12th century Waldensians,d.1105 Rashi,d.1164 Abraham ibn Ezra,c. 1178 Petrus Comestor
    -Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Four Beasts - 1Babylon,2Persia,3Greece,4Rome
    -Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Little Horn -- Antichrist

    Biblical Expositors of the Early Church Period
    c. 100 Josephus,c. 90 Yochanan ben Zakai,c. 61 Barnabas,c. 165 Justin Martyr,c. 202 Irenaeus,c. 236 Hippolytus of Rome,c. 240 Tertullian,c. 254 Origen,c.304 Victorinus of Pettau,c. 320 Lactantius,c. 339 Eusebius of Caesarea,373 Athanasius of Alexandria,c. 376 Cyril of Alexandria,c.? 407 John Chrysostom,c. 420 Jerome,449 Isidore of Pelusium,457 Theodoret of Cyrus
    -Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Little Horn - Antichrist
    -Book of Daniel Chapter 7 the Four Beasts - 1Babylon,2Persia,3Greece,4Rome

  17. Replies
    1. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist I've watched it, and to me the brain part was the most interesting part, but this man really believes that people can change the world: WRONG! Only JESUS can! He allows Satan and his minions to RUIN this world after the rapture, and on a grand scale.

  18. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist +Atheism is Madness
    We're all slowly dying, and not due to the sick morons of the Vatican NWO, or even the devil, but due to the fact that we're the offspring of Adam and Eve, and why God subsequently had to curse this existence and introduced death and decay.
    These criminals with their manipulations of our environment, our food and water and more, are only speeding things up.
    But we have a BLESSED HOPE:

    Romans 8:23 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
    23 And not only the creature, but we also which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we do sigh in ourselves, waiting for the adoption, even the redemption of our body.

    This is the reason why there are chemtrails and geoengineering: The True History and Purpose of NASA

    This is the reason why we have mortal bodies: Thank God for the creation of ANIMALS

  19. +Shaleen Schroeder +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
    Earth has the same shape as the sun and the moon, but I don't trust any picture of NASA.

    NASA cooperates with the Vatican,

    The True History and Purpose of NASA

  20. Replies
    1. +thetruthisviral NUCLEAR WEAPONS DON'T EXIST
      Hans S
      Hans S1 second ago
      +David Schulberg Nonsense: the JESUITS rule the world for LUCIFER!
      Hans S
      Hans S1 second ago
      +Rozie “Jae” Rockett THE JESUITS RULE THE WORLD FOR SATAN They want you to be a JEW-HATER so that you'll burn in hell, because JESUS is GOD and He's a JEW FOREVER!
      Hans S
      Hans S1 second ago
      +thetruthisviral Obama Vatican pawn Frank Marshall Davis jr. or Barry Davis ('Obama') is a REAL American! CIA means CATHOLIC Intelligence Agency! The Vatican rules the USA on behalf of the DEVIL-LUCIFER! He knows that his ENEMY is coming back to ISRAEL in order to end his EVIL reign.
      Hans S
      Hans S1 second ago
      +thetruthisviral CIA, means CATHOLIC Intelligence Agency
      Hans S
      Hans S1 second ago
      +thetruthisviral My point is: 'Obama' is merely a VATICAN PAWN! Pope Francis is the ANTICHRIST:
      Hans S
      Hans S1 second ago
      +thetruthisviral The True History and Purpose of NASA

      Rozie “Jae” Rockett1 year ago
      thetruthisviral5 months ago
      +Rozie “Jae” Rockett This Iranian national (a former CIA spy and current member of the Congressional EMP Commission) would beg to differ.
      David Schulberg
      David Schulberg4 months ago
      +thetruthisviral CIA = Jews CEC = jews

    2. +Cathleen H. (Radchill) The Vatican is behind everything! Be focused on JESUS!

      Cathleen H. (Radchill)6 months ago
      +hsoj yeltneb It's truly unreal when you start to put the pieces together. I hope you are well. September is going to be unlike any time before. Stay strong and keep doing what you do.

    3. +Michelle Alexander-Nolin Amen, and the right order is: Pope Francis and Obama, his PAWN. The Satanic Power Tree Rapture and prophecy

      Michelle Alexander-Nolin1 month ago
      aliens. are fallen angels!!!! Demons!!1 Jesus Christ is the ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE MANKIND!! obama and the pope are evil bible codes video,they are mentioned.

    4. +David Schulberg CIA means CIA, means CATHOLIC Intelligence Agency, is preparing people for the coming big UFO-DECEPTION

      David Schulberg4 months ago
      These stooges blaming muslims instead of the Jew World Order, that are staging terrorist attacks to vilify the muslim world.. This CIA spy has a zionist agenda

    5. +Oona Craig The VATICAN is in charge of the USA! Don't be a STUPID JEW-HATER: Why? Because JESUS is a JEW and He happens to be GOD ALMIGHTY! He will DESTROY all JEW HATERS!

      Oona Craig1 year ago (edited)
      Obama is NOT a Muslim; his mother was Jewish, so he's Jewish. His best buddy is Rahm Emanuel (now Mayor of Chicago but whose first allegiance is Israel). Obama isn't in charge of anything. He's a puppet, like every president we've had since JFK was murdered. The Dems and Repubs are OWNED by AIPAC. Who's in charge of the US as well as Russia and Europe? The Federal Reserve Bank, the BIS, the IMF and City of London. They choose the presidential candidates of BOTH parties at their Bilderberg Conferences. Watch Eustace Mullins, Texe Marrs, Brother Nathanael, Reverend Manning.

  21. +Stewart Buckley Know what the real reason is for the chemtrails: The True History and Purpose of NASA
    +Atheism is Madness +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist 

    1. +Atheism is Madness
      The Mark of the PAPACY-BEAST is NOT our problem
      , because we are NOT appointed to God's WRATH, unless you believe God is a SADIST and a SATANIC CRIMINAL Himself.

      Focus on ENOCH:

      Genesis 5:24 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
      24 And Enoch walked with God, and he was no more seen: for God took him away.

      Enoch didn't know that JESUS is God, but we do!

      Walk with JESUS and just before the start of Jacob's Trouble and the WORLD WIDE tribulation, which is also the 70th 'week' of Daniel 9, we'll be GONE tot where JESUS is.

      You need to believe as a CHILD to be part of this.

      Tell people about JESUS and every time you do you STRENGTHEN your OWN FAITH in Him!

      To hell with Satan, the CRAZY FOOL and his stupid fans!

      This is what I just told a stupid ACCUSER who dares to assert that JESUS is NOT God (that's a ROMAN Catholic standpoint):
      Hans S
      10:14 AM

      +Atheism is Madness
      I thank God-the Lord JESUS for the makers of these kinds of videos!
      They are the people who have done their homework, and I'm just passing this info through.

      JESUS is with us!

    2. +JoyceBelieves InJesusChrist
      There are no signs in connection to the coming RAPTURE.

      ISRAEL is our 'END TIME CLOCK', because the Body of Christ will be snatched away to where JESUS is, BEFORE the start of Jacob's Trouble, or the 70th 'week' of Daniel 9.

  22. Replies
    1. +maggy mayfield The Vatican is behind ALL evil!
      Flat Earth: Jesuits & the Global Conspiracy!


      Hans S
      +maggy mayfield Watch this video too
      maggy mayfield's profile photo
      maggy mayfield
      Hans S's profile photo
      Hans S
      +maggy mayfield Right and 'aliens' and 'UFOS'
      maggy mayfield's profile photo
      maggy mayfield
      +Hans S you mean demons and fallen angels :) I continue to pray for all hearts changed to JESUS

  23. TIANGONG-1 REENTRY VIDEO - China Chinese Space Station falling April 1st

    The True History and Purpose of NASA: Chemtrails-> Project Blue Beam



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