Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The Crown Empire and City of London Corporation

 Satan is a FOOL..that's why he has chosen Nobama to represent him and the Pope Fools hate God 


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  1. I can think of some adjectives to call that liar but I'll refrain.
  2. He's giving us the finger. He's going to screw us every which way he can.
  3. No transcripts? No friends? No college pics... Only a drug smoking dope... Pun intended.



  1. Syria and Iran (Persia) are both part of Russia's sphere of influence, and what the (Vatican controlled) 'west' wants is to put hooks in the jaws of Gog & Magog and to lure Russia southward, in the direction of Israel, because they know that God Himself will deal with Russia and its allies during the Ezekiel 38/39 war, and after this they're able to make a satanic covenant with (the collaborating regime of) Israel, starting the last 'week' of seven years of Daniel 9, and the tribulation through the rule of the two 'beasts', 'Obama' and 'Pope Francis'.

    The Jesuits and top-Jesuit, Pope Francis himself, are reading the Bible from a satanic standpoint.
    By doing so they will fulfill prophecy.
    I believe this will happen shortly after the rapture, and also the Psalm 83-war.

  2. Dear Shea, amen indeed to the sinner's prayer, and it's all very simple, when speaking about the Antichrist: the Vatican is Satan's tool on earth and the Pope is the anti-christ, the 'Vicar of Christ', meaning the 'instead of Christ', and 'Obama' is the Vatican's elect and Satan's favorite.
    They're not yet 'anointed' by the UNHOLY spirit, but this will happen AFTER the rapture of the Body of Christ.
    Realise that God (JESUS) allows this to happen in order that the prophetic word will be fulfilled, so that the remnant of the Jewish people will be saved, together with many who'll become believers in JESUS after the rapture, during the coming tribulation.


  3. Always look at it from the proper perspective:

    JESUS be with us!

  4. Anthony, as you now know, you weren't serving your country or the American people, but the interest of the Vatican, which created the USA as the MILITARY arm of its Vatican NWO.
    That's the reason they treat you like trash.
    God-JESUS treats you like a beloved SON and FRIEND.

  5. +Mushbushmc
    Don't be sad: be INFORMED!

  6. +Atheism is Madness
    Facts are facts!
    I started to discover the truth behind the Roman Catholic DEATH CULT at the end of 2011
    , when I discovered this site:

    This is also interesting: Underneath The Vatican is Lucifer, Medusa, Isis, Pagan Gods & Idols

    JESUS will destroy the Vatican NWO!

  7. Replies
    1. +Ellen Jirasek Yes, you're right, but also think of the MANY victims of American aggression in MANY countries on behalf of the EVIL government that is serving the Vatican world order.
      Vatican Roman Law Rules Washington DC

      Take for example the ILLEGAL invasion of Iraq on behalf of the Vatican and NOT on behalf of the American people.
      Saddam Hussein didn't want to play the 'dollar-game' and so he 'had to be removed'.
      Result: MANY THOUSANDS of Iraqi people killed and wounded and traumatized for life, and American soldiers who died or became wounded FOR NOTHING, and a country in RUINS, which became the springboard for CIA-sponsored ISIS, who started to MURDER almost EVERYONE on their path in Iraq and Syria up until this day.
      Don't take this personally, but you're living in NAZI-AMERICA!

      In case this is giving you some solace: I'm living in NAZI-EUROPE!

      ONLY the LORD JESUS can get us out of this MESS!


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