Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How Great Is Our God ( Be Lifted Higher)


  1. Great message brother, thank you!
    Nice to watch you play your keyboard and watch you singing!
    Beautiful music by Sharon O'Connor and your singing and amen to your prayer.
    It's all about JESUS!
    Yes, let's thank GOD He's using the internet and YouTube for His interest, as long as the enemy hasn't taken over total control of this medium.
    The restrainer, the Holy Spirit, is still on earth within the real worshippers of JESUS, and amen: the Bible is only meant for the believers.
    We are very privileged: thank you JESUS!
    Till the next time brother,


  2. +fueler747
    YouTube is already part of Google and Google cooperates with the NSA/CIA.

    But as long we can say what we want, we thank the Lord, and I'm sure that after the rapture it will be dangerous to say "I love JESUS" or "we need JESUS", on the internet.

    I'm also sure that as long as the Holy Spirit is restraining the devil, we can tell others of JESUS' love on the net and elsewhere.

    But I've noticed that since the transformation of old YouTube into Google+(YouTube) it's harder to get the message across YouTube, and the best way is to make videos, because videos can be watched by anyone, but comments can (in my case) only be read by those with whom we share contact.

    When I sign out most of my comments are 'gone'=made unavailable to others.

    JESUS be with us, brother!


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