Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mary, queen of heaven?

"Among all the women who have ever lived, the mother of Jesus Christ is the most celebrated, the most venerated...Among Roman Catholics, the Madonna is recognized not only as the Mother of God, but also, according to modern Popes, as the Queen of the Universe, Queen of Heaven, Seat of Wisdom, and even the Spouse of the Holy Spirit." -Time Magazine, "Handmaid or Feminist?", December 30, 1991, p. 62-66
  • Jeremiah 7:18 says, "... the women knead the dough, to make cakes for the queen of heaven; and they pour out drink offerings to other gods, that they may provoke Me to anger!"

Is the Roman Catholic version of Mary truly the BIBLICAL Mary? Or is she really the Queen of Heaven from the Babylonian church of old that angered the Lord God in the book of Jeremiah? Out of all the proofs that expose the Vatican as the Pagan church, this has to be one of the most graphic. It’s almost as if they went back in time and copied this Pagan goddess exactly, so as to worship her as she desires them to. Old paintings and statues that have been found of this demonic goddess are exact duplicates of statues and paintings you will find today in Roman Catholic churches depicting Mary. Even the colors of her clothing match perfectly! It’s really quite shocking to say the least!
In Alexander Hislop's book, "The Two Babylons", He traces the Babylonian worship of the Queen of Heaven back to the days following the death of Nimrod. As the story goes, after Nimrod's death, his wife, Semiramis, was determined to retain her power and wealth as a leader of the people. So, she came up with the idea that her husbands death was for the salvation of all mankind. Of course we know who actually schooled her in that demonic fallacy. Hislop goes on to say that…READ MORE....

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