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The Roots of Nazism in Radical Islam - PLO , Fatah , Hamas & Hezbollah

The Nazi Roots of Hamas, Palestinian Authority, & the Muslim Brotherhood

Published on Feb 10, 2014
The Palestinian Arab Nationalism movement arose concurrent to, and influenced by, Nazism and had the same goal as Hitler's Final Solution: the extermination of all Jews. Jeudophobia is real. Christophobia is real. Islamofascism is real. Islamophobia is bogus.

The man to the left of Adolf Hitler is Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the Founder of the Palestinian National Movement in 1916-17 who would become the undisputed leader of the terrorist faction known as the PLO, aka, the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

On Yom Kippur 1928, Jews brought chairs and screens to prayers at the Western Wall. Amin el Husseini used this innocent move as an excuse to launch a jihad against the Jews. Beginning in August 1929, after rumors had spread that Jews from Hebron had attacked mosques and Muslims in Jerusalem, an enraged Arab mob began stabbing, axing, decapitating and disemboweling 67 men, women and children on the first day alone. At least 133 dead and 331 were injured. Again, in 1936-1937, al-Husseini led a series of Arab Revolts that further decimated the indigenous Jewish population.

The British, with no guts to oppose the Arabs and possibly lose its oil rights in Saudi Arabia, further reneged on its multiple promises to the Jewish people by limiting all future Jewish immigration and land purchases.

The movement that was started by Jews in the late 1880's to buy desert land from more-than-willing Arabs sellers at outrageously inflated prices - some as high as 1200% was called "Zionism" because "Zion" was the Biblical reference to both the ancient nation of Israel and its capital, Jerusalem. The desire for a people to have a country of its own is known as, "Nationalism" and every other country in the Middle East that was also carved from the land captured and occupied at the point of a sword by the former Ottoman Empire was given one.

What made Zionism unique was that Jews were returning to the same land from which they were exiled according to the prophesies of the Bible, and after they turned that desert into an oasis, Arabs living around them decided to move there and work in the high-paying jobs that the Zionists were providing. Today, if you asked any Arab wanting to relocate to another country in the area, which one they would choose, 78% would pick Israel if they could keep their responses hidden.

But, back in the late 1920's and early 1930's, Nationalism was in full swing in Germany and in Italy, Russia, and Japan.

When Amin al-Husseini was elected the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the highest religious position in the region, his importance caught the eye of one Adolf Hitler, who became not only his close friend and ally, but also the co-architect of the Holocaust - the dream that Husseini has first conceived after the genocide of the Armenians in 1915 by the Ottoman Turks.

The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 was Hasan al-Banna - a Marxist-Islamist who, like Hitler and Husseini, also wanted to rid the Middle East of all Jews. Amin al-Husseini, The Grand Mufti, also became the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in the area known as the British Mandate for Palestine - which was called "Falastin" or "Palestine" for short. What Husseini envisioned was a unified Palestine in place of the land the British has set aside for the Jewish Homeland - from the River to the Sea.

The Muslim Brotherhood became the model for all radical Islamic groups spawned since 1928. In 1964, the PLO - aka Fatah - had organized itself within the refugee camps as a secular Palestinian terrorist group, and has remained that way ever since

The PLO took on the name, the Palestinian Authority, after Bill Clinton dragged former PLO leader, Yassir Arafat, out of exile, and put him in charge of all Palestinians - but it's charter was no different than the original PLO charter, vis-a-vis, calling for the total destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

According to the San Remo Agreement signed and adopted in 1920, the British Mandatory for Palestine was to be responsible for putting into effect the declaration originally made on November 8, 1917, by the British Government, and adopted by the other Allied Powers (Britain, France, Italy, & Japan), that favored the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.


The Roots of Nazism in Radical Islam - PLO , Fatah , Hamas & Hezbollah

Published on May 3, 2014
Haj Amin al Husseini was involved in funding The PLO , 33rd degree Freemasonic Muslim Yasser Arafat got in his footsteps , Mammoud Abbas trained in Russia founded Nazi Fatah and got in the footsteps of Yasser Arafat. Both Yasser Arafat & Mammoud Abbas (aswel as many other middle east leaders) had many audiences with several Nazi Pope's in the Jesuit controlled Nazi Vatican aswel as the Nazi Masonic Labor Zionist leaders of Israel.

Hamas was founded by The Fascist Muslim Brotherhood influenced by Nazi Knight of Malta Benito Mussolini who was supervised by the secretary of the Society of Jesus , Piettro Tacchi Venturi.

All of Radical Islam (incl Saudi Arabia) are ran by the Knights of Malta and other Knighthoods and thus by the Jesuit order

The British Crown has been taken over by The Jesuit order since King george III gave them shelter in 1773 , The Grand Lodge of England is also the headquarters of worldwide Freemasonry , Freemasonry is uttely corrupt at the top and its degrees were designed by a Jesuit from Cleremont College in Paris , The Jesuit Order was also founded in Paris (France)

All by all its a wicked plot for triggering WW3 designed by Albert Pike the grandmaster of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in 1871 , he also was overseen by a Jesuit , Jesuit John Peter de Smet......

Hitler was brough to power by Knight of malta Franz von Papen and the Archbischop of Munich Faulhauber and Financed by Jewish Labor Zionist Vatican Bankers !!!! , The Reichsconcordat signed in the Vatican in 1933 brought Hitler to power. Heinrich Himmler created the SS and formed it after the hierarchy of The Jesuit order , Hitler has said , We see Heinrich Himmler as our Ignatius Loyola. Himmler was a Jesuit coadjutor just as Josef Stalin or Franklin D Rooseveld or Harry Truman was (and there are many other of these cases and examples)

(I advice anyone to look through this excellent website , it also gives good info on the cover up of WW2)


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    1. Netanyahu is partly right, but Hitler wasn't even in charge of Nazi-Germany concerning the extermination (burning them alive as a sacrifice to Satan!) of the Jews, but the JESUIT Himmler and the JESUIT Bormann, on behalf of the BLACK POPE Ledochowski (the leader of the Jesuits until his death on 13 December 1942) and later Pope Pius XII, aka 'Hitler's Pope', on behalf of Satan the devil!
      Islam was created by the Vatican.
      The Vatican Jesuit Holocaust



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