Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The True Powerstructure of The USA exposed by Eric Jon Phelps

The True Powerstructure of The USA exposed by Eric Jon Phelps

Published on May 28, 2014
Many people are blaming the Jews due to massive propaganda stunts carried out by Vatican controlled Mainstream media and the controlled / financed alternative media. The fact of the matter is that the Jesuits use papal jews in the front to make it look like that the Masonic Labor Zionists run it all , its a deception , Jews don't even control Israel !

The Jesuit Order controls the Labor Zionist Movement - Eric Jon Phelps


  1. +Anthony Pope
    Eric Jon Phelps a knight of Malta?

    Alan Lamont a 'futurist'?
    They proclaim the gospel of JESUS Christ!
    Are YOU proclaiming the gospel of JESUS Christ?
    Are you telling people they need to get saved?

    Telling others of JESUS is the great commission!

  2. I grew up with this cursed Vietnam war (born January 1960) and since a few years I know that this war was NOT against Communism (Marxism had been invented by the Jesuits!), but to defend and strenghten the positition of the Roman Catholic CULT and to protect the DRUGS trade.
    Almost 60.000 American soldiers died because of this SINISTER goal, and about (more or less) 2 MILLION Vietnamese people were slaughtered by the Vatican, using the military might of the USA, because ALL American presidents serve the Vatican.
    This is the SAD TRUTH!

    The True Powerstructure of The USA exposed by Eric Jon Phelps

  3. +TheMtnMan From Tennessee
    In the past I was just as uninformed as anybody else, but thanks to the internet and with the help of the Holy Spirit, who's guiding me, I discovered a lot of revealing information, which I pass on to others through my blog, YouTube and Twitter.


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