Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Vatican observer about the European elections - De Vaticaanse waarnemer over de Europese verkiezingen

Greetings from the Pope and Lucifer

I am not dissatisfied with the European Parliamentary elections, In the past I also came to power through a MINORITY! So anyways; thank you  for having been crazy enough by going to vote, and it will GUARANTEED not be taken into account what you may have chosen. Anyhow; people like us don't give a sh*t about what others think or feel.  Afterthoughts by the observer: Is this bad English? Too bad for you!
Oh....Obama is not so handsome as me, but I do like him....great gay..err...guy and very sexy!
The Pope is crazy about him!
Nabeschouwing door de waarnemer: Slecht taalgebruik? Jammer voor u! Oh .... Obama is niet zo knap als ik, maar ik mag hem .... geweldige flikk .. eh ... vent en zeer sexy! De Paus is gek op hem!

Adolf Hitler is strongly in favor of EU - Adolf Hitler ziet de EU helemaal zitten! 


This is NOT the American Eagle!

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