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Only Children Go To Heaven


Only Children Go To Heaven

*Published on Oct 26, 2012*

Jesus said that only the little children will ever see the kingdom of
God. I read the words of Jesus where he says: truly I say to you; unless
you become changed and become as little children you shall never enter
the kingdom of heaven. Then he said: Truly I tell you the truth; unless
you turn from your sins and become like little children you will never
get into the kingdom of heaven. Jesus says also in Luke 18:15: Truly I
tell you, unless you accept the kingdom of God as a little child you
will by no means enter in. strip yourself of your sins, desires, airs,
pride, ways, and beliefs and trample them underfoot like a small child
takes off their clothes unashamed and tramples on them. Jesus goes on to
say in John 3:3: surely truly I tell you unless you are born again
nobody shall see the kingdom of God...it is clear my friends; unless you
rid yourself of your evil nature of your pride and of your hardness of
heart, of your knowledge,, and religious ways, strip yourself before the
Lord and approach him as a little child just trusting him, you CANNOT be
born again.

Nobody can be born again unless they approach the Lord in
humbleness.God resists the proud but he gives grace to the humble. So
people who get the grace of Jesus Christ are only those who come to
Jesus as a little child before him and they strip themselves of their
airs, sins, desires, hardness of heart as adults, beliefs, and trample
them underfoot and approach the Lord unashamed and trusting in him. You
see Jesus wipes away the past of all those who simply trust him and
strip themselves of their dirty garments. And what does Jesus do? He
puts on clean garments upon you. So you can approach God unashamed like
a little child who is unashamed of their nakedness and thus tramples on
their clothes so you shall trample on your dirty clothes and you shall
be clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. But this cannot happen
until you become a little child and you strip yourself of your sins your
airs, your desire and all these things that adults love to hang on to. I
tell you unless you strip yourself of your religious doctrines and all
your ideas about salvation you cannot come to the Lord and be saved. You
must first strip yourself of these things and come to the Lord as a
little child, who just simply trusts the Lord in what he has really done
for you. So what are you going to do today my friend, are you going to
strip yourself of your sins, airs, beliefs, doctrines, and trample them
underfoot and simply accepts Jesus and his teachings and his words as a
little child? Are you going to approach the Lord with pride thinking
your saved while you continue loving your sin and continuing in your
mistakes? Dear friends we need to become as little children otherwise we
will by no means enter the kingdom of God. No the matter what you say.
So become as a little child, be humble of heart, innocent as a dove but
as wise as a serpent to the ways of the world lest you be gullible. Be
ever watchful. Watch that you do not fall. That you pray always. That
you may escape what is to come and that you may not fall to temptation
that you may continue abiding with Jesus as a little child simply
trusting him and stripping yourself of all your sins desires and ways....


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