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The Day Jesus Returns - Pre-Tribulation Rapture under attack!

The Day Jesus Returns

*Published on Feb 15, 2014*

If you are interested in seeing what Scripture shows is going to happen the very day Jesus comes back, then this video is for you.

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  1. +Last Days Detective
    I didn't know you are a post-tribulation deceiver, so I unsubbed.

    I'm glad you're a follower of JESUS and not a follower of the devil, but I believe in the pre-tribulation rapture:

  2. +SheaSheaOnUrTUBE Shea, 'Last Days Detective' (what's his real name?) is a post-tribulation believer and I strongly disagree with this vision.
    I thought I could trust this man because you said 'beautiful'.
    The post-tribulation rapture is a fallacy:

  3. +Last Days Detective
    'That guy Hans' is someone who doesn't hide behind a nick name
    , and who's saved by GRACE by JESUS, more than 30 years ago, and who almost as long believes in the pre-tribulation rapture, because God has a different plan with Israel, concerning the end time, compared to his plan with the Body of Christ, and therefore the pre-tribulation rapture is necessary, because the 70th week of Daniel 9 is still unfulfilled.

    JESUS is a JEW, and He still LOVES His people, and He's going to save a remnant thereof at the end of the SEVEN YEAR tribulation.

    JESUS didn't ordain to concoct a so called 'replacement theology', which LIES that 'the church' has replaced His people, but the ROMAN CATHOLIC SATANIC CULT did, with devastating consequences for God's chosen people.

    The Roman Catholic CULT is the real church of Satan, who is seeking to destroy ALL the Jews and all the real beloved of JESUS Christ, because he HATES them, and because he tries to ellliminate every motive of JESUS to return to earth, which will mean the end of his SATANIC rule.

    Satan FEARS JESUS, because he knows He's GOD ALMIGHTY, and he's doing all he can to destroy ALL of JESUS-God's children.


  4. +Last Days Detective aka, Robert Adams,

    I'm glad you're saved by OUR Lord JESUS, and ten years earlier than me, so forgive me please for having been a bit too harsh toward you, but I'm sick and tired to hear about a 'post-tribulation rapture', because I believe it's absolutely nonsense.
    The late Jack Kinsella knew all about it, but it's no longer his concern, because he's asleep in heavenly Paradise, awaiting the resurrection of the dead and the rapture:

    We agree on the 'replacement theology' and how bad this is, and we agree on a remnant (one third) of the Jewish people that will be saved at the 2nd coming of Christ JESUS, but I believe the tribulation will start as soon as a false covenant will be made between (the Godless leadership of) Israel and the Antichrist (the Papacy), and that it will be at the beginning of the 70th week (which will last seven years) of Daniel 9.
    The Antichrist will be the King of the North=the King of Assur, and I believe this will be 'Obama', on behalf of the SATANIC Vatican and the Papacy (Pope Francis).
    Not coincidently, Obama (Barry Davis) is now supporting Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria, in the area which comprises the ancient Assur.
    The Vatican created Islam.
    You talk about the 'church', but this word is a Catholic invention, because it should be (and is) the word ASSEMBLY, with NO associations with 'church buildings' and 'church bells'
    I'm an ex-atheist and due to religious 'Christianity' I didn't want to have anything to do with it, in the past.

    JESUS be with us.


  5. +Last Days Detective
    I didn't apologize, I said 'forgive me please'
    , which is more in line with the teachings of JESUS, because apologizing is what unbelievers do.
    Brothers and Sisters in Christ JESUS are supposed to love each other, and they ask forgiveness, because they want to please the one who has forgiven them.

    You're assuming a lot about my motives and actions, and I see so much information, that I don't always have the time to fully investigate.

    A Sister in JESUS made a positive comment about your video, and I watched a part of it, and that was good.
    Later I checked more of your videos and then I changed my mind and unsubbed.
    I really believe the post-tribulation rapture is nonsense and even senseless, because JESUS is coming back in the same fashion in which He ascended to heaven, which will be reasonably slow compared to the rapture, which will be fast as lightning, so these two events are not compatible, but also because of other reasons.
    You don't agree with me about this, and you can no longer tell Jack Kinsella he's 'wrong', because FORTUNATELY for him (not for his wife and his family) he's asleep in heavenly Paradise and awaiting the resurrection of the dead.
    Sometimes I envy deceased brethren, because I'm really fed up with all these debates about the timing of the rapture, while we should tell others about JESUS.

    I didn't assume you were some kind of a pseudo-Catholic, but I really believe the word 'church' is wrong and in my language too ('kerk').
    In most Dutch Bibles one reads the Dutch word for assembly and only in the Dutch Roman Catholic translation one reads the Dutch word for church.

    When I use English translations I always use the World English Bible and the King James Version simultaneously:

    The KJV also uses the (Catholic) word 'church' and the WEB uses the word 'assembly', which is better, and all assemblies are part of the Body of Christ.

    All (religious) churches are being targeted by Satan and the Jesuits of the Vatican in order to become infiltrated with false teachers and false teachings, because they don't want people to know that the Pope is the Antichrist.
    'Obama' is fulfilling the same role as Hitler/Stalin/Mao Zedong/Franco/Mussolini/Roosevelt/Eisenhower/Churchill and others in the past, who were all being sent/controlled by the Satanic Vatican.

  6. The Roman Catholic CULT is the real church of Satan.

    The EU is the resurrection of the evil Roman Empire, and the 'United States of Europe, in conjunction with the United States of America and the United Nations, which are all being controlled by the Vatican and Lucifer/Satan.

    I believe we are close to the pre-tribulation rapture, and the Vatican New World Order is setting the stage for the Psalm 83-war and the subsequent Ezekiel 38/39-war, which will be a short NUCLEAR war, and I believe this will happen after the rapture.

    Look at what's happening right now in the Middle-East, and concerning Ukraine and Russia and Iran and then it's clear it won't be long till the rapture will occur.

    The point is that the Body of Christ is not appointed to God's WRATH, which will be terrible during the coming tribulation, and so God 's taking His Body of Christ away, and especially because the Holy Spirit within the Body of Christ is the RESTRAINER, and Satan can't go any further as long as the restrainer is on earth.

    At the moment I call 'Obama' the potential Antichrist, and Pope Francis the potential False Prophet, because only after the rapture they really will be confirmed in this capacity by Satan.
    They are both EVIL men, and worshipers of Lucifer/Satan, though they play the role of 'nice people' at the moment.

    'Obama' is NOT just another American president: this man is really EVIL and Pope Francis too!

    The Lord JESUS be with us.

    Hans S
    3:01 AM

    +Last Days Detective
    Check my site about Obama and the Pope and more:


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