Sunday, July 6, 2014

Does the Roman Catholic Church deny the Jesus of the Bible?

"Whom Do Ye Say That I Am?" 

Jesus obviously felt it was important for his disciples to know his true identity. This is probably the most the most important issue in the Bible (Matthew 16:13-20). Although the Roman Catholic Church professes to believe in Jesus Christ, we will see that they actually deny most of the essentials of : A) Who he is (substance and ancestry); and B) What he has done. If anyone redefines who Jesus is or what he has done they have a different (false) Christ. 

For example, if I were to teach that, " Jesus was born in Japan in 1830, He killed 24 people, He even lied to many people during His lifetime, and finally died in 1902 of old age," I would be teaching a false Jesus. At the least, I would be denying his birth place, his Jewish ancestry, and his death on the cross. If I were to teach this about Jesus Christ, it would be enough to define a different (false) Jesus Christ. By definition, anyone who professes a false Christ denies the true one.

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