Tuesday, July 15, 2014

FLOW OF WISDOM; Genetically Modified Humans - Interview with Doc Marquis


The 'elitists' and the 'illuminati' are terms for the VATICAN JESUITS.
There have NEVER been men on the moon!
UFO's are REAL: SATANIC technology, made available to EVIL (Nazi) men, provided they had given Satan enormous amounts of human sacrifices: THE HOLOCAUST and all the SENSELESS killing due to the war, experiments on living people, resulting in death, etc.
Satan loves torture and killing.

The Roman Catholic CULT too, and Islam, having been invented by the Vatican, too. Marxism, which had been invented by the Jesuits, too.
All EVIL roads lead to the VATICAN.

Satan HATES the Rapture of the Body of Christ: he wants to SLAUGHTER all followers of JESUS!

Too bad for him!


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