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  1. +d3 br33c3
    The whole religious/secular system of the Roman Catholic CULT derives from BABYLON, and that's why it's 'Mystery Babylon'.

    It's Satan's VERY OWN creation!
    Mystery Babylon is in FULL control and we are on enemy territory all the time, just like our Lord JESUS when He was on earth, during the Roman occupation of His country.
    Hans S
    1 second ago

    +gioknows I know you're a smart person: investigate and wise up: Satanic Vatican

  2. +d3 br33c3
    The F-word is a bad word throughout all English speaking communities.

    When and where in the video did Alan use this word?

    I gave you this info about Alan's background, just to inform you.

    And you're from Indiana, right?

  3. GenevaPilgrim You're not far from the truth, but you must stop using the word 'we', because the USA WAS and IS 100% a project by the SATANIC VATICAN!
    The Vatican is the HIDDEN ROMAN EMPIRE and the Pope is the DISGUISED EMPEROR!
    The USA is the SECOND BEAST SYSTEM, generating the SECOND BEAST of Revelation 13: BARRY DAVIS, aka 'Barrack Hussein Obama'.
    The FIRST BEAST SYSTEM is the Vatican and the PAPACY= the ROMAN EMPIRE!
    The Pope is the Vicar of Christ=the instead of Christ=the ANTICHRIST.


    GenevaPilgrim 41 minutes ago
    I don't think Islam is Babylon either. I thought that the RC was Babylon for a long time too, but the prophecy in Revelation is not the only prophecy about Babylon. You have to factor in Jeremiah 50-51 too and when you do, Jeremiah 50:12 shows that Mystery Babylon has a mother who will be greatly ashamed when she falls (because the mother harlot is the RC) but the latter half of this verse says that she will be the hindermost of the nations meaning she comes along last-the US came along last.

    Some, but not all of the prophecies about Babylon falling were not all fulfilled in the OT. Many of the prophecies in Jeremiah 50-51 are yet to be fulfilled. According to the verse it is a nation, not a religion. The Jesuits are very much responsible for much of the founding of the US. Even the white house was called "Rome" before it was changed to "White house" and it was named after some guy by the last name of white who was a Jesuit.

    Babylonian symbolism is all over Washington DC as well. But if you only go by Revelation 17 it does sound just like the RC, however according to Revelation 18 this has to be a city/nation who merchants do business with and will mourn because they became wealthy by her and now that she has fallen they will no longer make money like they were. She also sits as a queen and thinks she is indestructible.

    There is also a mention in Rev 18:13 about how she sold slaves and human lives. The US definitely sold slaves and the abortion is industry is selling baby parts. honestly, we have people in this country who sell slaves and human lives through prostitution and the child sex slave industry as well.

    Also her luxury will pass away and the the people who made their living by the sea (cargo) are sad because of her falling. There will also no longer be any craftsman or craft in her any longer. And the light of the lamp will not shine in her any longer. When did the light ever shine from the Vatican?

    This has to be a nation that was once a light to other nations, but not any longer. And her merchants were the great men of earth. Another thing that stood out to me is that it says they were deceived by her sorcery, which in Greek is "Pharmakia" and can mean spells OR it can mean drugs and medicine.

    Not only do we have a big drug problem here, but the US is the number one drug creator in the world. WE are not the number one exporter, but we create the most drugs here and have them manufactured and shipped from many different locations both in the US and abroad.

    As for the blood of the saints-I am not sure if you are aware that we have shed blood of the innocent saints all over the Middle East by creating all the turmoil that we have. Even Syrian Christians are asking that we leave Syria alone because they were living in relative peace with Muslims and other religions until we started arming the rebels and now the rebels are killing them.

    Most Christians in these middle eastern countries were just doing their thing and not bothering anyone and living side by side with Muslims with little conflict until we invaded Iraq. Then the rise of al Queda caused Christians to be run out of their churches then ISIS rose out of al Queda and that was devastating to them and now all of the rebel groups are killing them too.

    1. And also, we don't know what is to come in this country in the near future. It's very possible that Christians might even be killed here soon. It didn't take long at all in the middle east to stir things up so who knows what could happen here. What we have been doing all over the world for the sake of the dollar in the last couple of decades is deplorable.

      Our leaders are absolutely corrupt and our nation keeps voting in one after the other that are worse than the last one (reminds me of the Northern Kingdom where the Bible says "and he was worse than the last" in reference to the kings).

      You may know, but if you don't, look into the petro dollar and realize that all the way back in 2000 Sudam Hussein was planning to abandon the petrodollar and move to a different currency and I believe that is what 911 was about and we toppled Hussein for that reason alone. Then we took down Afghanistan, then helped topple 4 governments in the Arab Spring and all of this was over the petrodollar. It's the same in the case of Syria, Russia, China and Iran.

      All of them were planning to leave the petrodollar and now we are threatening war with them and we have armed rebel terrorists who are killing Christians and innocent people including children and I don't believe for a second that Assad was responsible for the barrel bombs in Aleppo in 2011 and even MIT in Massachusetts did a comprehensive study and concluded that they were not responsible either.

      I think our hand very well may have been in that in order to get ISIS and the rebels mad enough to overthrow Assad which is what we want because he is planning to work with Russia, Iran and China to move off the petrodollar for oil. Also, Babylon can't be both Babylon and the AC or the false prophet and I think the FP or the AC will possibly come from the RC. Revelation 18 just doesn't fit the RC.

      It might not be America, but I don't think it's the RC. Oh, and also Rev. 17:16 all the 10 kings turn against the harlot. That makes sense in today's political climate. Many nations are getting sick of America being the super power and her arrogance and policing the world. We leave a trail of destruction behind us everywhere we go.


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